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701 The Southern Christian Advocate, 1837-1842 Source (S907)
702 The union recorder (1886- ) began as The federal union (1830-1861) and underwent several intervening name changes.
v. 1. 1830-1833
v. 2. 1834-1836
v. 3. 1837-1839
v. 4. 1840-1842
v. 5. 1843-1847
v. 6. 1848-1853
v. 7. 1854-1857
v. 8. 1858-1862
v. 9. 1863-1869
29 cm; Includes indexes.
LCCN 96197466 
Source (S1001)
703 There is no marriage record on file for John Powell and Martha Wall. However, the estate of Martha's father, Jesse Wall, was distributed among his children who were still living in 1865. For the married female children, the amounts were distributed to their spouses on their behalf. The details involving John Powell and Martha Wall Powell are provided below. The full account is shown under Jessee Wall's profile.

page 634:
Returns of Wm E Wall one of the Executors of Jesse Wall May 25th 1866

Voucher No 13
$7500.00 Received January 5th 1865 of Cain Wall and William E Wall Exrs of Jesse Wall deceased the Sum of Seven Thousand and five hundred dollars payment in part of My distribution Share of the proceeds arising from the Sale of Perishable Property including the Negros of the said Jesse Wall deceased.
Witness my hand and Seal this 5th January 1865
Signed in the presence of John Powell {seal}
L C Hoyl

Amounts distributed
Paid Cain Wall V1 $8671.62
" W E Wall V2 8671.62
" Wright Kennedy, Guar. V3 8671.62
" John Powell V4 1171.62
" Owen Kennedy V5 1171.62
" Louisi Meadows V6 1171.62
" J J Walls children V7 1171.62
" Comr V 3194.71

Georgia Terrell County
Came before me Cain Wall and Wm E. Wall and make oath that the above return is just and true as it stands stated W E. Wall
Sworn to & subscribed Cain Wall
Family F650
704 There seems to be a lot of confusion on the many early Vannoy lines. I have found at least three Susan/Susannah Vannoys, in addition to the Susan/Susannah Vannoy who married George McNiel on 21 Nov 1822.
Marriage bond # 166429 shows Susan Vannoy married George McNiel on the above date. The census records from 1850, 1860, and 1870 show Susan and George together with children. A grave marker at McNiel-Faw-Riggs Cemetery in Millers Creek reads: "In Memory of Susan McNiel, Aged 80 Year And 10 M." No birth or death years were inscribed (at least none that were visible). George is buried beside her.
This pretty much fleshes out her life since her marriage to George. However, finding her parents has proven difficult so far. Other sources for leads on her parents include:
"Genealogy of the McNiel Clan" by Johnson J. Hayes in 1940, which shows the following:
Page 2: "(4) George 3, b. 1803; m. Nov. 21, 1822, Susan Vannoy, dau. of Andrew Vannoy."
Andrew Vannoy and Susannah Shepherd did have a daughter named Susannah (b. 22 Sep 1799), but according to Denise L. McNeil's write-up in "The Heritage of Wilkes Vol. II (page 496)," this Susannah did not marry until 14 Feb 1849 when she "became the second wife of Rev. Tobias Long."
Hayes page 16: "George McNiel 3, b. May 17, 1802, d. April 21, 1878; m. Susannah Vannoy, dau. of Jesse and Mary Kilby Vannoy. Her brother, Rev. John Humphrey Vannoy married Rebecca McNiel, a sister of George 3."
The Wilkes Heritage book (p. 498 also by Denise McNeil) lists 13 children and Susan is not among them.
There is another a write-up in the Wilkes Heritage book by Mary Hayes (p. 502-503) which lists a child of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Ray Vannoy as Susannah Vannoy (4 Nov 1790-21 May 1873). According to Mary, this Susannah married Richard Parks and did not have children.
This pretty much rules out all known Susan/Susannah Vannoys as being the same one who was born abt 1803 and who married George McNiel. A final lead presented in the Wilkes book (also presented by Mary Hayes on p. 500) is that "Another possible child of Daniel and Sarah [Vannoy] is Susan Vannoy (about 1803 - about 1883)." This is the lead I am currently trying to verify. 
Vannoy, Susan (I333)
705 There was a fire in 1876 that destroyed almost all of the records for the town of Chester.

The response from The Church of St. John the Evangelist to a letter of request on 25 Feb 2006 states that there was "no record" for the marriage of James Reilly and Maria Cady in 1870. 
Family F61
706 These records are from Record Group 022-01-063, Defense Dept., Adjutant General's Office, Confederate Muster Rolls.

Sifakis, Stewart. Compendium of the Confederate Armies (New York: Facts on File, 1992), vol. 7, South Carolina and Georgia.
Hewitt, Janet B., ed. Georgia Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865 (Wilmington, NC: Broadfoot Publishing Co., 1998), 4 vols. 
Source (S853)
707 These records were abstracted in 1997 by Phillip Wayne Rhodes, C.G., Director of Jones Memorial Library of Lynchburg. They are from the Civil War-era account books and Soldier Book of George A. Diuguid, undertaker. Please note there were certain unavoidable discrepencies in the use of the account books versus the Soldier Book or other sources. In such cases, the different notations have been included. Source (S890)
708 They are buried in Glendale Cemetery, Umatilla. William's stone reads 1842-1927. Plat 24-1, grave 14 Parker, William Jefferson (I463)
709 This book is out of print and the publishing company is gone as well. The book is in possession of Martha Gilreath Bishop and relevant photocopied pages are in possession of Gail R. Nestor. Source (S2)
710 This cemetery is located on Jefferson Street next to St. Joseph's Catholic elementary school. Source (S401)
711 This cemetery is located on John Hendren Road, off Sulphur Springs Road. It is beside the driveway of the L.L. Beeler residence. Source (S361)
712 This cemetery was surveyed in November 1958 by Mr. E. H. Hayes and Mrs. E. M. Richardson. Mr. Lester Thomas Rogers, Sexton of the Cemetery is due an honorable mention in connection with the survey of this cemetery. It is from his personal knowledge that many comments were added to the existing inscriptions thus enhancing the importance of this survey. Three days he took the Cemetery Plat and guided the surveyor from plot to plot and grave to grave explaining details not visible. The identity of unmarked graves by him was most remarkable. Lester Thomas Rogers born 1 January 1916, Jackson County, Florida. A son of Relious Aaron Rogers (born 14 Feb 1897 in Jackson Co., Fla.) and Vera Eugene Bodiford (born 10 Dec 1894 in Crenshaw Co., Ala.) Mrs. Lillie Hayes, widow of Mr. E. H. Hayes has graciously given her permission to post this information on the internet as long as Mr. Hayes is given credit for the research. Source (S987)
713 This collection is taken from NARA microfilm publication M804, which includes an estimated 80,000 pension and bounty-land warrant application files based on the participation of American military, naval, and marine officers and enlisted men in the Revolutionary War. Most of the records in the files are dated between 1800 and 1900. The files are part of Record Group 15, Records of the Veterans Administration.
The records in this collection include entire pension files for soldiers and sailors who served in the Revolutionary War. Unlike selected service records , which were typically chosen subjectively for genealogical content, these records reveal more details about each veteran's history and service, as well as more information about his family, state of health, and life after the war.
If you know the state for which a man served, you can locate him through the alphabetical hierarchy in the browse menu. Select the state, the first letter of his last name, then locate his surname, followed by his given name in the next section of browse titles.
The descriptive pamphlet for publication M804, is available as an 82-page PDF file here . Excerpts from the descriptive pamphlet were used to explain the collection in the following sections of this finding aid 
Source (S1208)
714 This database is a fully searchable text version of the newspaper for the following years: 1891-94, 1906, and 1915-16. Source (S1030)
715 This is not the same Obediah as the one born in 1804. I am unsure of their relation.

[Deed Book 3, pg. 100] Wm. & Elizabeth BRAY to Obediah RICH?/RICK?. The above named Wm. BRAY and Elizabeth his wiffe before signing sealing the said deed did before the witness have hereunto attesting except against insuring a certain percell of the above premises by them firmly given and granted to Obediah RICH his heirs, which part of the said land so excepted is comonly called by name of the welash mans hole and bounded as by a deed granted to the said RICH his heirs for ever is at large mentioned, this deed of sale was by Wm. BRAY and Elizabeth his wife acknowledged in open court to Wm. WILLIAMS the 25 day of Oct. 1709.

Currituck County, North Carolina
Deed Book 3 (Mixed dates)

Deed Book 3 begins in the 1730's, meanders backwards and forwards in time to the 1710's and 1750's, and then jumps abruptly into the first years of the nineteenth century. It contains the oldest group of deeds, which were recopied by the register and so noted. The recopying of the oldest deeds in Deed Book 3 resulted in the misinterpretation of the date of writing, presenting, and recording in the deeds. The reader will see that from time to time the dates of presentation in court are later than those of the original recording. One solution to this involves the practice of observing the old calendar versus the new. For instance, in Deed Bk. 3, pg. 13, it lists the dates as 19 Nov 1739, 1 Jan 1739 and 26 Mar 1739. The most reasonable explanation for this discrepancy is that the two latter dates should be written 1739/40, a facet of dating that was ignored by the nineteenth century clerks who recopied these deeds. At times, however, there is no explanation for a discrepancy in the sequencing of dates. Such must be attributed to scribal error. [A note at the beginning of the book says]: According to note p. 22 the below were copied herein in 1800. The middle of this book pp. 86 to 123 contains the earliest deeds of record in this county. They date from 1696 to 1713. The beginning from 1735 to 1740. The end from 1796 to 1805. Book two has 1761 to 1790 with a few re-recorded 1704 etc. deeds as on pp. 327 and 416 (1719). 
Rich, Obadiah (I6538)
716 This marriage date is from the Joseph Moore Family Bible per Karen DaPra. Family F678
717 This person's ancestry is unknown, but time and place suggest that Martin and Sarah could have been his parents. If you have more information, I would be excited to hear from you!

Note that James is possibly in the household of Martin Rich in Emanuel County in the 1820 census. That same year, he is listed in neighboring Burke County with winnings from the land lottery. Is this the same person that moved down to Decatur County? 
Rich, James (I2870)
718 transcribed on 22 Feb 2005 by Gail Rich Nestor Source (S575)
719 Transcribed: 04 & 05 Oct 1998
Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery is located off of Spring Creek Highway approximately 10 miles from Bainbridge, GA. Take Spring Creek Highway west from Bainbridge, approx. 10 miles, turn left right after the Kendrick Volunteer Fire Department. It sits on the right side of the road, behind the Bethany Baptist Church. This cemetery was last read in the 1950s, so some of the head stones that I was not able to read was problably read at that time. I started at the back of the cemetery in the older section first and then worked my way forward going down each row, and ended at the South side of the cemetery right behind the church. There are 6 headstone with no information and 16 headstones that were unreadable. 
Source (S844)
720 Twin of John. Hatchett, William Spencer (I831)
721 Twin of William Hatchett, John W. (I830)
722 United States National Archives. Civil War Compiled Military Service Records [database online] Provo, UT: Ancestry.com, 1999-. Source (S374)
723 v, 249 p. ; 28 cm. Source (S909)
724 V. 1. 1820-1827 -- V. 2. 1828-1832 -- V. 3. 1833-1835 -- V. 4. 1836-1838 -- V. 5. 1839-1841 -- V. 6. 1842-1844 -- V. 7. 1844-1849 -- V. 8. 1849-1852 -- V. 9. 1853-1856 -- V. 10. 1857-1861 -- V. 11. 1862-1866 -- V. 12. 1867-1872 and misc papers 1825-1841. Source (S789)
725 v. 1. 1822-1829, deed book A, B & C, special district & land lot maps, special lottery grantees
v. 2. 1829-1831, deed book D, special district & land lot maps, special listing lottery grantees
v. 3. 1831-1834, deed book E, special district & land lot maps, special listing lottery grantees
v. 4. 1834-1836, deed book F, special district & land lot maps, special listing lottery grantees
v. 5. 1836-1840, deed book G, special district & land lot maps, special listing lottery grantees 
Source (S948)
726 v. 1. Abstract of deed book "A"
v. 2. Abstract of deed book "B" (August 15, 1834-November 04, 1836)
v. 3. Abstract of deed book "C" (November 04, 1836-August 28, 1838)
v. 4. Abstract of deed book "D" (August 28, 1838-December 23, 1839)
v. 5. Abstract of deed book "E" (January 06, 1840-October 26, 1841)
v. 6. Abstract of deed book "F" (August 25, 1841-November 13, 1843)
v. 7. Abstract of deed book "G" (August 21, 1843-April 07, 1846) 
Source (S943)
727 v. 1. Being some of the legal records of Columbia, Hancock, Jefferson, and Warren counties, Georgia
v. 2. ...of Clarke, Jasper, Morgan, Putnam, Oglethorpe, and Greene counties, Georgia
v. 3. ...of Bibb, Butts, Fayette, Henry, Monroe, and Newton counties, Georgia
v. 4. ...of Burke, Butts, Columbia, Emanuel, Greene, Hancock, Jasper, Morgan, and Richmond counties, Georgia
v. 5. ...of Baker, Bibb, Early, Jones, Monroe, Marion, Morgan, Randolph, and Talbot counties, Georgia
v. 6. ...of Cobb, Cherokee, Dawson, Forsyth, Gilmer, Gordon, Gwinnett, Hall, Lumpkin, Murray, Pickens, Paulding, Rabun, Walton & Whitfield counties
v. 7. ...of Clarke, Dawson, Habersham, Franklin, Lincoln & Oglethorpe counties
v. 8. ...of Burke, Chatham, Columbia, Montgomery, Murray, Oglethorpe, and Washington counties
v. 9. ...of Effingham, Morgan, and Warren counties
Incomplete contents: v. 10. Being some of the legal records of Balwin, Burke, Richmond, and Jackson Counties, Georgia. 
Source (S984)
728 v. 1. Militia letter book, 1862-1864
v. 2. Militia letter book, 1864-1865 and Home Guard orders
v. 3. Home Guard letter book, 1863-1865 (Volume 3 title: North Carolina Confederate Militia and Home Guard records)
3 v. ; 28 cm.
Includes indexes.
LCCN 96143236 
Source (S988)
729 v. ; 28 cm.
LCCN 77084515
Books E, F, G, H, J and K have a different author and are catalogued separately.
Books C & D, 1797-1802.
Library does not have Books A & B. 
Source (S990)
730 v. [1]. 1807-1832 -- v. [2]. Superior Court, 1833-1857. Source (S771)
731 v1: 1845-52
v2: 1853-60
v3: 1861-74 
Source (S765)
732 vi, 224 p.
ISBN: 0893085979
LCCN 89118814 
Source (S999)
733 vii, 489 p. : ill. ; 29 cm. Source (S790)
734 vii, 628 p. ; 27 cm.

Authority: Act of May 11, 1803

Date of Drawing: 1805

Baldwin: 5 Districts (1-5)
Wayne: 3 Districts (1-3)
Wilkinson: 5 Districts (1-5)
Size of Land Lots
Baldwin: 202 acres
Wayne: 490 acres
Wilkinson: 202 acres
Grant Fee
$ 8.10 per 202 acre lot
$19.60 per 490 acre lot
Person Entitled to Draw
Bachelor, 21 years or over, 1 year residence in Georgia, citizen of United States - 1 draw
Married man with wife and/or child, 1 year residence in Georgia, citizen of United States - 2 draws
Widow with child under 21 years, 1 year residence in Georgia - 2 draws
Orphan or family of orphans under 21 years, with father dead and mother dead or remarried - 1 draw
How do I find the names of the winners?
1805 Card File, in records of the Georgia Surveyor General (microfilm).
All cards are filed alphabetically. Information includes the name of each participant, county of residence, notation as to blank or prize draw, lot number, district number, and county in which the land was located.
1805 Georgia Land Lottery, by Virginia S. and Ralph V. Wood. (Cambridge, Mass.: Greenwood Press, 1964.)
This book gives the names of the participants and whether they drew a blank or a prize. If the person drew two blanks, then he or she did not win any land in this lottery. This is the only lottery that lists the unfortunate drawers.
1805 Georgia Land Lottery: Fortunate Drawers and Grantees, by Paul K. Graham. (Decatur, Ga: The Genealogy Co., 2004.)
Includes names of fortunate drawers and grantees of reverted lots.
Where will I find more information on the lottery?
Georgia Land Surveying History and Law, by Farris Cadle. (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1991.)
The Georgia Surveyor General Department, by Marion Hemperley. (Atlanta: Georgia Secretary of State, 1982.) 
Source (S960)
735 vii, 741 p.: map; 23 cm. Source (S919)
736 Vol. 1 includes index.
v. 1. 1832 [i.e. 1828]-1834
v. 4. 1841-1843
v. 5. 1844-1846
v. 6. 1847-1849
v. 7. 1850-1852
v. 8. 1853-1855. 
Source (S912)
737 Washington: Blair and Rives, 1841 Source (S225)
738 Wealthy farmer in Peplow, Salop County, England. Leased the estates of Sir Robert Vernon, of Hodnett, owner of all Peplow and Ellerdine. (Vernon is a character in Shakespeare's Henry IV). Moved to Shrewsbury before his lease expired because of the plunder by the armies engaged in fighting at the time. Purchased several properties and became Burgess. Assisted in playing host to the Kings and Queens attending agricultural fairs popular at Shrewsbury in the 16th Century. Aided in repairing Shrewsbury castle which was admired by Charles I. Hatchett, Richard (I479)
739 Wealthy farmer in Salap County, England Hatchett, Stephen (I478)
740 Wedding Announcement:

"Saturday, November 5th, at 4 o'clock, in the First Baptist Church of Avondale Estates, was the scene of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gray Rich. Mrs. Rich was the former Rebecca Gail Barefield of North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, daughter of Mrs. J. B. Gilreath. Mr. Rich, of Bainbridge, Ga., is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Rich, Sr. The Reverend Truett Gannon, pastor, performed the impressive double ring ceremony.
The interior of the church was lovely with green and white decorations. Two fern trees were centered with a large white arrangement of mums and gladioli.
Prior to the entrance of the wedding party, a program of nuptial music was presented by Miss Betty Sharpe, organist, and Mrs. Jeanine Andrews, soloist. Mrs. Andrews sang "Because" and at the close of the ceremony she sang "The Lord's Prayer".
The bride was attended by Mr. Rich niece, Miss Cecile Partee of Bainbridge, Georgia. She wore a dress and coat of aqua silk and carried long stemmed yellow roses.
The best man was Mr. Rich's father, R. L. Rich, Sr., of Bainbridge, Ga., and the ushers included R. L. Rich Jr., James E. Partee, Billy K. Reynolds, and Lee Parker, of Bainbridge, Ga., and R. M. Murphy and C. L. Straughan of Atlanta, Ga.
The bride was beautiful in a three piece pale yellow silk suit. She carried a bridal bouquet of white gardenias.
The bride's mother was ill, and unable to attend the ceremony. The family was represented by Mrs. I. C. Meadows, a very close friend. She wore a suit of pink silk and a corsage of yellow roses.
Mrs. Rich, mother of the Groom, wore a suit of green silk, and her corsage was also of yellow roses.
Following the ceremony was the reception, held in the church reception room. Mrs. James Partee kept the Bride's book and Miss Frances Rich of Dallas, Texas greeted the guests. The four tiered wedding cake was served by Mrs. R. L. Rich Jr., and punch was served by Mrs. Roscoe Simpson of Macon, niece of the groom, and Miss Gudy Ellison, of Atlanta, former roommate of the bride.
Out of town guests included Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Rich, Sr., Mr & Mrs. R. L. Rich Jr., Bob, Joe, and Sue, Mr. & Mrs. James E. Partee, Jimmy and Cecile, Mr. & Mrs. Sonny Jeffords, Mr. Lee Parker. Misses Betty and Barbara Tonge, and Miss Sue Sims, all of Bainbridge, Ga. Miss Frances Rich of Dallas, Texas. Mr. & Mrs. Roscoe Simpson of Macon, Ga., and Mr. & Mrs. Henry G. Absher of Charlotte, North Carolina.
Following the reception the bride and groom left for a wedding trip to South Florida and Nassau. The bride wore a three piece ensemble of green tweed with leather trim, and blending accessories.
The couple will be at home at 1610 Line Street, Decatur, Ga." 
Family F150
741 Will probated May 17, 1784, Culpeper Co. Virginia.

119,92: Henry Souther was granted 326 acres in the Robinson River section in 1750, and the Rental of 1764 shows Henry with this land and a Stephen Souther with 150 acres. The Southers intermarried with the 1717 families.

128,53: Will of Henry Souther of Bromfield Parish, Culpeper Co.
Dated 2 Sept 1783. Proven 17 May 1784.
Legatees: Sons: Stephen Souther, Michael Souther, Jacob Souther.
Daus: Barbary Hufman, Catharine Cannada.
Executor: Son Michael Souther.
Wit.: Henry Wayland, Henry (X) Cristler, Joseph Cristler.
Inventory and Appraisal of Estate of Henry Souther, dec'd.
Recorded 21 June 1784.
Made by Henry Crisler, Michael Gaar, George Crisler. 
Souther, Henry Sr. (I307)
742 William Fenn's wife was listed as Emeline Grimes in "The History of Miller County, Georgia, 1856-1980." Their marriage record and the 1850 census list her as Leney and Liney, respectively. Grimes, Emeline (I901)
743 William Hatchett (b 1692) Amelia and Notterway Cos., Va. m Mrs. John Neal, of Chesterfield Co., Va., in1731. She was widow of John Neal. 1st husband was a Mr. Livingston. Maiden name was Margaret Remay(?) her family having fled from France in 1635 during persecution of Hugenots under Louis XI. Remay, Margaret (I847)
744 William Hatchett (b. 1692) Amelia and Notterdam Counties, Virginia m. ?rs. John Neal, of Chesterfield County, Virginia, in 1731. She was the widow of John Neal. Her first husband was a Mr. Livingston. Her maiden name was Margaret Rema? her family having fled France in 1635 during the persecution of Hugenots under Louis XI. Hatchett, William (I472)
745 x, 424 p. : maps ; 24 cm.
includes index
G 929.3758 ELB 
Source (S982)
746 xi, 759 p.: ill. ; 24 cm. Source (S776)
747 xiv, 439 p.; ill.; 24 cm.; includes indexes. Source (S860)
748 [v. 1] 1753-1762
[v. 2] 1763-1774
[v. 3] 1775-1789
ISBN/ISSN 0918470137 v.3
LCCN 8184591 v.3
28 cm. 
Source (S994)

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