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51 (Research):About the same time the families of James Van Scoter (now called Benscoter) and his sons, Anthony and John, also three then unmarried sons, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, were added to the Dutch settlement; all left numerous descendants. About the same time also the Bellas, Davenport, Hans, Muchler, Huff and Cragle families were added.

See George Gregory research notes for source. 
Muchler, Elizabeth "Ann" (I2009)
52 (Research):Administrators & Guardians Bonds, book P (1881-1909), page 489:

Know all Men by these Presents, That we, J H Powell
Principal T J Thomason D D Stults as
Sureties acknowledge ourselves jointly and severally bound unto
T B Maxwell Ordinary of said County, and his successors
and assigns, in the just and full sum of Six Thousand
Dollars, to the true payment of which, well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, and
the heirs and executors of us and each of us, jointly and severally, by these presents.
Sealed with our seals, and dated this 3 day of Sept 1906
The Condition of the above Bond or Obligation is such, That if the above bound
J H Powell
who has this day appointed Guardian of the person and property of
Claude C [or G?] Powell and Mabel
orphan children of M D Powell deceased,
he acknowledging of the same by his acceptance of said appointment, and
of Letters of Guardianship of this date, shall well and truly maintain, clothe and educate
said orphan according to their circumstances, and shall take good and lawful
care of their person and property, according to the laws of this State, and shall
annually make a just and true return of all their actings and doings herein, unto
the said Ordinary, and pay over all assets that may remain in his hands
when said Guardianship shall legally terminate, then this obligation to be void; else to
remain in full force.
In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, the day and year
above written.
ApprovedJ H Powell {seal}
T B MaxwellT J Thomason {seal}
OrdinaryD D Stults {seal}

Notes from "Decatur County Georgia Past and Present 1823-1991," page 341, by Pauline (Rich) Cooper:

"Jessie H. Powell b 1 July 1841, d 7 Jan 1913, bur Bethel Cem, Decatur Co, m 14 Jan 1868 Decatur Co. to Nancy Clay b 9 Feb 1843, d 28 June 1920, bur Bethel Cem. Ch:
(1) William G. Powell b 7 Jan 1869, d 24 Dec 1938, m Minnie Powell, m 2nd Addie Batts, m 3rd Lillie Balou. (2) Domie Powell b 24 May 1870, d 27 Dec 1926, bur Bethel Cem, m Byron Donalson bur Bethel Cem. (3) Menla Powell b 22 Oct 1871, d 9 Aug 1927, bur Bethel Cem, m Euzema Rich (See Rich-Pierce family). (4) Cornelia Powell b 7 May 1873, d 24 June, bur Bethel Cem, m Emory G. Rich (See Rich-Pierce family). (5) Jesse Tom Powell b 31 Dec 1874, d 13 June 1943, bur Bethel Cem, m Hunnewell Rich (See Rich-Pierce family). (6) Nancy Florence Powell b 2 Apr 1876, d 17 Apr 1942. m Arthur J. Rich (See Rich-Pierce family). Second m to Walter Lane bur Bethel Cem. (7) Claud Powell bur Bethel Cem. (8) Mary Huron Powell b 10 Oct 1880, d 7 Apr 1973, m Arch Perry bur Bethel Cem. Second m to Perry David Rich (See Rich-Pierce family). (9) Tempie Powell b 13 Oct 1882, d 18 Aug 1970, m Clifford Sims. (10) Lucy Powell b 6 July 1885, d 25 Apr 1952, m J.B. Luther Barber."


50th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
50th Infantry Regiment was organized at Savannah, Georgia, during the spring of 1862. Its members were recruited in the counties of Ware, Coffee, Lowndes, Thomas, De Kalb, Clinch, Colquitt, Berrien, and Brooks. After serving in the District of Georgia, the 50th moved to Virginia and was assigned to General Drayton's, Semmes', Bryan's, and Simms' Brigade. It participated in the campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia from Second Manassas to Gettysburg , then was ordered back to Georgia. However, the unit did not arrive in time to share in the Battle of Chickamauga. It was involved in the Knoxville operations and later the conflicts at The Wilderness , Spotsylvania , and Cold Harbor . The regiment fought with Early in the Shenandoah Valley and ended the war at Appomattox . There were 29 killed and 97 wounded at Sharpsburg and 17 killed and 153 wounded at Chancellorsville . It lost thirty percent of the 302 engaged at Gettysburg, had many disabled at Sayler's Creek , and surrendered with 1 captain, 2 lieutenants, 2 surgeons, and 25 men. The field officers were Colonels William R. Manning and Peter McGlashan; Lieutenant Colonels William O. Fleming, Francis Kearse, and Pliny Sheffield; and Majors Duncan Curry, P.C. Pendleton, and John M. Spence. 
Powell, Jesse H. (I345)
53 (Research):AGBI: Name: HENDREN, William Birth Date: 174? Birth Place: Virginia Volume: 77 Page Number: 358 Reference: Historical reg. Of Virginians in the Rev., soldiers, saliors and marines, 1775-1783. Ed. By John H. Gwathmey. Richmond, Va. 1938. (13,872 p.):369

In revolutionary war, VA. His great grandson said he was 'staff' officer, probably a sergeant. Don't believe went to NC until after the war. A William Hendren was in the 72nd Virginia Militia from Russell County, VA

Will written 12 Sep 1831 and proved in August 1838 term of court. William's home was located about 14 miles by road directly south of Wilkesboro on Hunting Creek on what is now known as Rocky Creek, and was located in a small meadow about 50 yds from Rocky Creek. The land was very steep and rough except for perhaps 5 to 10 acres of 'bottom' land along the creek. He kept sheep and apparently spent most of his time with them and his weaving.

Sons Stephen, Ambrose, William, and Clarence all lived within 3 miles of William's home and Clarence's son C. James was born there. Some thought Harrison 1810 was also a son, not on list from family bible as per Don Hayes in 1982

There is a tobacco plantation lease dated 1740 where John, wife Margaret, and son William had signed a 25 year lease.

He was married to Letitia Charlotte TAYLOR (daughter of William TAYLOR and Sarah GLASSCOCK) about 1763.2,4 Letitia Charlotte TAYLOR1 was born about 1743 in VA.2,3,4 She died in 1783 in Wilkes Co, NC.2,3,4 She Burial Location in Wilkes Co, NC.2,3,4

Some of sons went with Uncle Elizah to KY abt 1798 (it was said that they didn't get along with the new Mom) where brother John already was. All but Taylor settled in Madison Co,Ky; other Henry Co,KY Doven & Enos twins William H. mentioned in father's will There is a 9/12/1831 will from Wilkes Co, NC 
Hendren, William Sr. (I19)
54 (Research):Allen Bird (wit to will of John Lee of Putnam) (s/o Peter Bird m. Charity ____) (or "of Hancock Co. Ga. son of Peter" widow of Peter was Penelope) Bird, Allen (I4120)
55 (Research):Also, I have an old copy of the Virginia IGI for the Harrington family (lists births, marriages, etc) page 14, 105. This page does include the birth of Arthur (4 times, 3 different years for date of birth) and includes the names of his parents William and Elizabeth (Pedin or Peden)Arrington that you mention.

Somewhere else in my file, however, I should also have a copy of the will or estate settlement for Arthur. It seems to me that there was NO mention of a daughter named Mary ...... let alone Mary Gilreath.

Laying my doubts aside for a moment, there is still the fact that the dower that William Gilreath set aside for his wife Mary was only to be shared by Jesse and Mary (daughter) in the event that his wife died. Kenneth seems to believe (and I strongly agree) that this indicates that Mary was the mother of only these two younger children.


Melvin, I had found somewhere that the father of Mary Arrington was an Arthur Arrington Sr., born in 1709 in Isle of Wight, Va, died on April 01, 1779 in Nash Co., North Carolina. Also another date listed for his death was April 01, 1801. His wife's name was Mary Sandefur, no dates for her. Father of Arthur was a William Arrington, wife Elizabeth Peden (Peddin). They also were from the Isle of Wight, Virginia. Parents of Elizabeth were James Peden (Peddin) and Jane Huggins. 
[--?--], Mary (I313)
56 (Research):alternate birthdate of unknown origin: 13 Jan 1760 Crystal, Jeremiah (I1163)
57 (Research):Annie Rich married J. T. Carmichael 22 Jun 1913, book 8, page 365, Jackson County, FL Cook, Purtis "Ammie" (I1290)
58 (Research):another source gives birth date as 27 Feb 1876

Florida Death Index:
Name: Amy Tindel
Death Date: Apr 1957
County of Death: Volusia
State of Death: Florida
Race: White
Gender: Female 
Underwood, Amy Jane (I1292)
59 (Research):Another sources give the birth date as 7 Feb 1895 Rich, Katie Winifred (I1333)
60 (Research):Barnett (Michael) Mikell, Ensign, brother of Major John Mikell, R.S., gained his rank by serving in the Cherokee War under Co. Geo. Gabriel Powell, of South Carolina, whose men were mainly from Cheraw and Georgetown Dist. of Old Craven County, S. C. The Cherokee Expedition of 1759-1760.
(Ref. S.C. Soldiers & Patriots by Leonardo Andrea, 4204 Devine St., Columbia, S. C. page 23 & 5 printed by The R. L. Bryan Co., Columbia, S. C. )

He married his cousin Jane McCall and they had "many children".
(Ref. Lucas-Mikell Family, S. C. Hist & Gen Magazine pp. 212-214.)

We have been unable to get a list of the children of Barnett & Jane
Mikell but the following are believed to be theirs:

1. Elizabeth Mikell who married her cousin Edward Mikell
2. James Mikell, Rev. Sol who married Mary Lee
3. Alexander Mikell who married Rebecca Hollingsworth
4. Thomas Mikell who married 1st Mary Rowe and 2nd Mary Woodcock
5. William Mikell m. 1) Mary Anderson 2) Tabitha Hagin
6. Seaborn Mikell
7. George Mikell (Charlie) m. Martha Ren

The above all settled in the area of Mill Creek in Bullock Co.

Barnett Mikell was in Effingham Co as early as 1788 as he signed the Superior Court minutes on 11 Mar 1788.

In the 1790 Census of S. C. we find Jane Mikell in Prince Fredericks Parish, S. C. with one male under 16 and 2 females in the household. At this same time, Barnett Mikell obtained a grant of land in Effingham County, Ga. (later made into Bulloch),

By 1794 Barnett Mikell and his wife Jane McCall had moved to Screven Co, Ga where he had a home near Rock Landing Road about six miles south of the Ogeechee River where it crosses Mill Creek toward Canoochee River. He also owned land in Bulloch Co on Belcher's Mill Creek. (Ref. Pioneer Days by Clyde Hollingsworth).

In Effingham Co, GA (later Bulloch) land records "Warrant for Barnet Mikell 14 Jun 1790 a tract of 100 acres of land bounded S. westerly by Belcher's Mill Creek, S. easterly by land granted John Mikell (his nephew) now the said Barnet Mikell's, n. east and n. west by vacant land.

Screven Co., Ga., plat book A, page 72 "Barnet Mikell granted 200 acres of land on 4 May 1795. Witness Wm. Mikell and Thos. Mikell."

On 5 Jun 1801, George & Thomas Mikell obtained 428 acres of land in Bulloch Co. They were listed as planters. They sold to Wm. Wise on 3 Sep 1806. Witnesses were Alexander Mikell and William Mikell. Wary Mikell wife of Thomas Mikell renounced all title clainis.

Signed the Superior Court Minutes on 11 Mar 1788

Obtained a grant of land Barnett and Jane have moved to Screven Co. Ga. where he had a home near Rock Landing Road about six miles south of teh Ogeechee River where it crosses Mill Creek toward Canoochee River.
spouse: McCall, Jane (*1737 - ) 
Mikell, Barnett (I976)
61 (Research):bennwilliams@sbcglobal.net
bnkward@verizon.net - Wilkes message board, 20 Feb 2004

"Rev. George is buried almost directly across the road from where his farm was, in an old abandoned cemetery. I think it was called Stony Hill originally, though that church is up the road about l/2 mile, and has a new cemetery now. The headstone is an obalisque about 4 or 4l/2 feet high with engravings on 3 sides. The third side just tells who erected the monument in 1905, l00 years after his death in 1805. My grandfather's brother, Coy McNeil, told me he was a teen then and remembered his father and grandfather going to the commemorative ceremony. His grandfather was grandson to Rev. George. I will include his headstone later, but his father, Thomas, George's youngest son, does not seem to have a marked headstone. Many at that site are not marked."

Rev. George McNIEL was said to have been born 1720 in Glasgow, Scotland, and died June 07, 1805 in Parsonsville, Wilkes County, NC. He married Mary COATS in Grayson County, VA. Some family charts have referred to Mary as Mary "Sarah"; Wilkes records: Bill of sale 1782 between John Stubblefield of Wilkes and Jacob Nichols of Rowan witnessed by George and Sally McNiel; Raleigh State Archives:joint Estates of George McNiel and Sarah McNiel Administered by William McNiel. Some say her parents are Nathaniel and Lucinda Martha Lamar Coats. Mr. Coats is said to have died in Wilkes County in 1816. Rev. George McNiel was one of the original landholders in Wilkes County. The entry in the Land Entry book shows his name as George McKneal, purchaser on March 12, 1778, of 120 acres on the south fork of Reddies River, adjoining land owned by Roland Judd and Robert Shepherd. He later owned land on the north fork of Lewis Fork Creek, where his house stood when he died. The location can be identified by the remaining chimneys of the "old Walsh house" which still stand, visible from Parsonsville Road when the leaves aren't out. Walsh built in front of George's house. Wilkes County census records of 1790 show a household of three men; three boys (under 16); and no females. So Mary may have died by then. Rev. George acted as Registrar of Deeds for Wilkes County from 1787 until 1805, when he died. It is not clear where he lived late in his years, but at that age it is a question whether he rode back and forth by wagon or horseback from his Lewis Fork home some 15-20 miles away.
Rev. George was one of the charter members in 1783 of Brier Creek Baptist
Church. Before that he ran what was called Deep Ford Meeting House, or
sometimes George McNiel's church. He was Moderator of the meeting of delegates 8-28-1790 who formed the Yadkin Valley Association of Baptist Churches. The Ass'n authorized and funded Rev. George(along with Rev. Wm. Cook and Rev. Lazarus Whitehead) to "travel on" in the name of the Association. This Ass'n was the forerunner of the Baptist State Convention which came into existence 40 years later. Other churches in the area which had Rev. Geo's name as an elder or other connection were: Deep Ford Hill, Beaver Creek, Head of Yadkin, Three Forks (3 miles east of Boone)(served as pastor), and Roaring River. Lewis Fork Baptist Church was organized as an arm of Brier Creek May 19, 1792, as an independent church in May, 1794 with 24 members when it joined the Yadkin Valley Association. Rev. George was one of its early pastors. Today Lewis Fork Baptist Church is located on the southwest side of the south prong of Lewis Fork Creek in sight of new Hwy 421 from Wilkesboro to Boone, NC. A great many McNiels and McNeils are buried there. Efforts were made to get Rev. George a Revolutionary War pension but the NC Legislature, after deliberations, determined he was ineligible. Though they had no doubt that Rev. Geo. did ride as Chaplain with Gen. Ben Cleveland's army in the Battle of King's Mountain, he had not officially signed up or joined the military.
Children of Rev. George McNIEL and Mary COATS are:
1. John McNIEL, b. 1758, Wilkes County, North Carolina; Married Fannie
Cleveland, dau. of Rev. John Cleveland(brother of Ben) and Mollie McCann, in Cleveland Ferry, SC. Moved first to Georgia then to South Carolina. Died May 01, 1848, Franklin County, Georgia. Their children are: William Henry; John C.; Oliver C; Larkin; Frances; Cleveland; Martha; Benjamin; Jerutia; and Nancy.
2. William McNIEL, b. 1760, Wilkes County, North Carolina; d. 1812-1830, Hancock or Claiborne Co. Tenn.; m. Elizabeth SHEPHERD, about 1785. She was born in Spotsylvania County, VA (23 July 1766-d. after 1810) to Robert and Sarah Rash Shepherd. William was Administrator of her parents estate in 1808 and shortly thereafter moved to Claiborne County Tenn. William's household in the 1790 census showed l man (himself), l boy(under 16) and 3 females.(The boy may have been one of his younger brothers, depending on Geo.'s birthdate). Their children are: Sallie; Lois; George; Neal; Mary; Nancy; John; Betty; Jesse and William.
3. James McNIEL, b. 1763, Wilkes County, North Carolina; d. 1834, Moravian Falls, Wilkes Co., NC; m. 1791 Mary "Polly" SHEPHERD, b. 17 Jan. 1772 in Spotsylvania County, VA, sister of Elizabeth, his brother William's wife. Lived Reddies River, Wilkes County NC. The name Polly McNiel was mentioned in the minutes of Reddies River Baptist Church as having died June 7, 1869. James was appointed in 1810 to a jury to lay off a road from Deep Ford Meeting House on Reddies River to the sign post on North Fork of Lewis Fork road that points to Morton James"
Their children, all born in Wilkes County are: Larkin; John; Fanny; George;
William S."Squire Billy"; Oliver; Nancy; Rebecca; and Eli.
4. Joseph McNIEL, b. 1772/75, d. 28 Apr. 1855, Wilkes County, North Carolina; in 1801 Joseph was appointed to a jury to lay off a road from Harmon's Mill to the Deep Ford Meeting House on Reddies River.
Married: (1) Hannah Wilson. Their six children are: Elizabeth; Sallie; Larkin;
James; William; and Fannie. m. (2) Elizabeth POWELL(VIARS) Nov. 11, 1824; She was b. abt. 1795, d.1860/71; She was widow of Robert Viars and dau. of William and Rachel Smith Powell. She had two small children of her first marriage: Nancy Matilda and John Bennett. Joseph became their court appointed guardian. Joseph and Elizabeth had one daughter, Rebecca, who married her cousin George Franklin McNiel (b.l-13-1830), son of John (1796-1877) and Rachel Eller McNiel (John was son of James, who was son of Rev. George McNiel). Rebecca and George Franklin were parents of among others Sarah Julia, who married John Lee Hays, father of Judge Johnson J. Hays who wrote "The Land of Wilkes" and "The Genealogy of the McNeil Clan". These may be available through interlibrary loan or in reference section of public libraries. Elizabeth McNIEL, b. abt. 1767, Wilkes County, North Carolina; d. Aft. 1857, Watauga Co. N.C.; m. Robert BINGHAM of Virginia, Dec. 07, 1785, Wilkes County, North Carolina. Moved to Watauga County, NC. He died 26 Mar. 1811. She was still living in 1857 when she applied for his Revolutionary War pension. Their children are: Nancy, Sarah, Joel, George, William, Jemima, Elizabeth and 2 other daughters.
7. Mary "Polly" McNIEL, was born bet.1774/84 in Wilkes County, North
Carolina. She died Aft. 1843. On 1 Nov. 1803, in Wilkes County ,she
married Henry MILLER(abt.1765- ) son of William and Mary Aldridge Miller.
Henry had previously been married to Catherine Lipps. Henry and Polly moved to Missouri soon after their marriage. Their son: W. Henry was born Ashe County, North Carolina.
8. Benjamin McNIEL, b. abt. 1776, Wilkes County, North Carolina; d. 1834; m. Elizabeth LIPPS, August 28, 1805, Wilkes County, North Carolina,
daughter of John and Elizabeth Tompkins Lipps. Benjamin's estate papers dated 3 Nov. 1841 indicate she was already dead. Two of their children identified are Enoch (married Elizabeth Miller) and Elizabeth (married 16 Aug. 1837 Daniel Bumgarner, Jr.). Apparently Merritt was one of their sons, as a Phyllis McNiel Beagles says she is descended from him and that he was born 1819 in Wilkes County, NC, d. 1870 AR. Her webpage:McNiels & Lindseys
9. Thomas McNIEL, b. 1782, Wilkes County, North Carolina; d. September 08, 1865; m. before 1815 Mary Hannah PARSONS, daughter of Rev. James and Mary Parsons. Thomas was a farmer. He was put on a jury in 1811 to lay off a road: "The Phillips Gap road leading from the forks of the road leading up the North Fork of Lewis Fork to Joseph McNeill;'s (at Parsonsville) to begin at the sign post at the old field where Henry Hamby now lives and continue to the top of the Blue Ridge to intersect the road leading from Ashe Courthouse to the top of the ridge at the head of Pine Swamp".
Their children are: MARY (1807-9 Sep. 1865) married John Parsons, son of Michael and Jane "Jenny" Norris Parsons. Some of their children: l) Rufus Gordon Parsons, m. Nancy shepherd. Gordon is buried where Rev. Geo. is buried. 2) Jesse Franklin Parsons (d. 8-26-1899) m. Elizabeth(Hawthorne)Lenderman. Children: Gaither Parsons(1868- ); James Cicero (1871- ) m. Sallie Caroline Land 1905 in Wilkesboro; Henry Odell (1873 -); Ron ( ? - ); Andrew (1876 - ); Gertrude (1882 died young); John (died infancy). 3)daughter, died in her teens; 4) James Parsons. JESSE (Abt. 1810 - 8 Jun 1830), died of typhoid fever. JAMES (7 Apr. 1815 - 15 Feb. 1865) married Fanny Dula, daughter of William McGuire Dula and Mary Ferguson. James & Fanny's dau. Fannie A. McNeil m. Joseph Henderson Jones. (other children to be discovered?) SARAH (1816/21 - 1870/80) married William Blackburn.
ELIZABETH ANNE (1 Jul 1822 - 24 Oct. 1879) married Martin Parsons
GEORGE WILLIAM, Sr.(17 Nov 1825 - 17 Nov. 1914) married LaVisa
Triplett (7 Nov. 1829 - 27 Oct. 1917), daughter of John and Sallie
Ferguson Triplett. Geo. Wm. Sr. is buried where Rev. Geo. is buried; LaVisa
is buried in old cemetery on hill in woods beside old Lewis Fork Church
("Mission") on new Hwy 421 @ 13 mi. west of Wilkesboro.(A relative is
quoted as saying that this is appropriate in that the two never agreed on
anything during their 67 years of marriage!) Geo. Wm. Sr. was a "Captain" of
his tax district, sometimes called "Capn. George", not a military title. He taught school in Wilkes County at least in 1873 (Elk Creek Township) and perhaps other years for which records may be available. All Wilkes Co. schools were closed during 1864-65 due to the Civil War and public schools did not reopen until 1870. He was sworn in as Justice Feb. 1865. This may have been related to his being Capt. of his tax district; He was Capt. of District 4 as of 1836, when justices were required to take a list of taxable property.( In any case, Justice of Peace jurisdiction then was limited
to crimes with punishments not over 30 days.) George William Sr. and LaVisa's children:
George William Jr. (1855 - 11-6-1934) m. Sally Ann Messick (1857-8-14-1941).
Both buried near Old Lewis Fork Mission. Sally took charge of the family farm and raised the children, with help of the older ones. Geo. Wm. Jr. was referred to in the family "Trader George" as he was away a great deal, roaming the country buying and selling cattle and horses. He loved to ride at a gallop, and usually had a pipe clenched in his teeth. He died of face/mouth/jaw cancer.
Sarah Ann ( -d.5-7-1921) m. Alfred Newton Proffit (4-27-1842-8-3-1929). They
were both school teachers. Sarah, at least, and likely he, as well, taught at
Whippoorwill School, a privately organized school that existed in Wilkes County from 1885 to 1902. (Alfred was one of four brothers documented in the book Four Men in Gray, soldiers in the Civil War, all of whom were wounded or died. Alfred, the only one to return, retained a Yankee shot in his sinuses, had a lifetime of crippling headaches, and sneezed it out in his old age. His grandsons still have the pellet.) (There were 10,054 school age children in Wilkes County in 1900. Four other McNeils were teachers in Spring 1900: Martha McNeill; R.H. McNeill; Ada Sue McNeill, and Cora McNeill).
Continuing list of Geo/LaVisa's children:
Rafe or Rufe
Cisco(female) m. Wesley Green
Ila m. Jacob Wilson(8-6-1889-8-25-1967)
Verdie (female) m. ____ Goodman
____?__(female) m. ______Stansbury
End of George Wm. and LaVisa's children. Work still to be done. My granduncle Coy gave me these names as his aunts and uncles. He thinks at least one of them died in the Civil War. "The Land of Wilkes" by Johnson J. Hays lists these Confederate Soldiers from Wilkes from Moore's Roster of Conf. Soldiers-4 volumes. Moore acknowledged it not completely accurate:
Seventieth Regiment-Infantry:
A.McNeil enlisted May l, '64, Company D,
Private Jesse A. McNeill enlisted Feb. 2, '62, 53rd Infantry
Jesse H. McNeil enlisted 3-4-62 d. May 8 '62 at Raleigh
George B. McNeil enlisted Nov. 3, '62
Jesse H. McNeil enlisted 2-26-'62(possible duplicate?)
Franklin McNeil enlisted 4-5-'62
John McNeill enlisted Oct. 10, '62, private 55th Regiment; killed July l,
'63 at Gettysburg.
Larkin McNeill enlisted Nov. 1, '62 the 56th Regiment Company C private

From: TRUEUNC111@aol.com
Subject: Wilkes County List: Allegiance to Patriots During American Revolution
The men on this list appear to have resided in present day Wilkes County, and possibly the northern part of present day Caldwell County? 1778?" Oath of Allegiance The oath was taken by males age 16 years and older to show their allegiance to the Patriots during the American Revolution. The oath in Wilkes County, NC was found at the North Carolina State Archives in a folder marked Oaths in Wilkes County Loose Papers, Box 6, Series 104-928. Memorandon of Disaffected People and Delinquints to wit "Return of Delinquints H. Benj. Herndon Esq. Do [which see] for Jos. Herndon & Jno. Walker Esqr.:I, A.B., will bear faithful and true Allegiance to the State of North Carolina, and will truly endeavor to support, maintain, and defend the independent Government thereof, against George the Third, King of Great Britain, and his Successors, and the Attempts of any other Person, Prince, Power, State or Potentate, who by secret Arts, Treasons, Conspiracies, or by open Force, shall attempt to subvert the same, and will in every Respect conduct myself as a peaceful orderly Subject; and that I will disclose And make known to the Governor, some Member of the Council of State, or some Justice of the Superior Courts or of the Peace, all Treasons, Conspiracies, and Attempts, committed or intended against the State, which shall come to my knowledge. -- Wm. Morgan Bennett Robards (Roberts) Thos. Bange (Benge) William Davies William Gray Thomas Evans Pritchett Alexander William Wilcock Senr. J. Gooding Lycan James Harvel Reuben Fletcher Jacob Pate Edward Pinkston George McNeil Joseph Pinson Timothy Login Bazell Baker Hanse Lackin Charles Busey Harris Standley Wm. Rysdon Jos. Sparkes James Garreson Samuel Nicholson Abednego Baker John Standley John Mason John Gray Senr. Josuah Mason Jacob Standley Senr. William Robards (Roberts) Jacob Standley, Junr. Benj. Johnsonn The above returned by Benj. Berndon (Herndon) Esq. by (marked out) Abner Smalley Esq. Returns John Goodman as one that neglected to take the Oath of Allegiance & c 
McNiel, Elder George (I456)
62 (Research):birth date of Mar 1874 on 1900 census Rich, Oscar Napoleon (I2888)
63 (Research):Bond: Jan 3 1837, Luzerne County, PA
Ephraim Gregory=Administrator and Executor
George Muchler & Garrett Scott=Surities

August 1846 Luzerne Co. PA Orphan's Ct. Rec. LDS film 959166

GEORGE GREGORY adminstrator to estate of PETER GREGORY late of Union twp. dec'd charges here of with amount of Inventory sales to $904.98
Claims credit for amount of disbursements: 665. 71 balances in est. 239.27 total $904.98
Filed & confirmed 11 August 1846
5 Nov. 1846 confirmed absolutely no exception been filed.

UNION TOWNSHIP Was formed in July, 1813, of territory taken from the original township of Huntington. It lies on the river, and two creeks force their way through the mountains to the river, and make the gaps for the farmers to follow in building their roads to the trading and shipping point, Shickshinny.

The first settlements, outside of what is now Shickshinny borough, was made in the northwest of River mountain, in 1790, by Peter Gregory and George Fink. These men had married each other's sisters, and had come from the valley of the Delaware. Where they located was a rich and beautiful valley, on the east branch of Shickshinny creek. The creek at this point furnished good mill power, and was soon utilized, as the first sawmills in the township were built on the claims of Gregory and Fink. Soon after the coming of these men, two other brothers-in-law, Stephen Arnold and Moses Derby, settled where is now Muhlenburg. They opened their farms, and soon other friends heard of this excellent place for farmers, and the stream began that has given the county some of its best farming communities. Commencing in 1793 was the heavy immigration to this and on to Huntington valley, by the people mostly from Connecticut. The early settlers came mostly on sleds, and at the season of the year when they could cross the many streams on the ice, following the old Indian paths and after the "blazed" roads. In 1797 Stephen Roberts settled about midway between the above named settlements, and shortly Marvins, Culvers and Shaws were making pleasant homes in the wilderness.

About the same time the families of James Van Scoter (now called Benscoter) and his sons, Anthony and John, also three then unmarried sons, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, were added to the Dutch settlement; all left numerous descendants. About the same time also the Bellas, Davenport, Hans, Muchler, Huff and Cragle families were added.

In 1799 William Moore, an Irishman from Maryland, with a large family, settled at the place known as Mooretown. His descendants still own the farm. A grand daughter, Mrs. John Harned, remained there. The Huffman, Harned, Post, Bonham, Wolfe, Johnson and Santee families came soon after 1800, and nearly all homes then formed are still retained in the families of descendants.

December 24, 1801, Shadrach Austin, a son of the first occupant of Shickshinny, married Mary Gregory, daughter of Peter Gregory, Sr., and bought the present Austin homestead, where he spent the remainder of his life. He was a teacher and a leader among his neighbors, and during a long, active life. "Uncle Shadrach" was almost universally spoken of as an examplar worthy of imitation. He was born July 12, 1770, and died December 26, 1850.

In 1815 John Hartman bought a farm and moved into a house where Samuel Huff had lived several years, which is owned by his son, Stephen Hartman. As the land could be bought at a low price and proved very productive, other old neighbors from Northampton and Lehigh counties soon followed, and a German settlement was formed, as the Masters, Hobbes, Baer, Adelman and Neville families all obtained land near the Hartmans, and long retained many of the customs and characteristics of the German population of the Lehigh valley.

Peter Gregory, Jr., and Richard Gregory, sons of the first settler, bought and occupied farms. Richard lived nearly 100 years. Joseph Gregory and John Gregory, sons of Peter, own and occupy parts of the old homestead.

In 1813 James Search bought of Phillip and Margaret Hann the place near the river known as the Jessup farm, where he raised his family. His son Lot married Christina Fink, and settled just above Shickshinny, where is the quarry now, and where Lot Search's store was once kept.

Muhlenburg, as seen above, was one of the very early settlements, and has long been a postoffice, and has a store, hotel, church and blacksmith shop.

Reyburn is a postoffice and gristmill all in one, and a little store.

Koonsville is one mile from Shickshinny. A general store and toll-gate, and the Kester Brothers have their mine furnishing factory, and deal extensively in lumber.

Town Line, where is a postoffice and store, gets its name by the road at that place being on the dividing town line.

This Town History was donated by Robin Linn. (rlinn@sonnet.com)
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1840 - Union, Luzerne, PA

male 40-50: Peter Gregory
female 40-50
male 20-30
male 20-30
female 20-30
female 20-30
female 20-30
male 15-20
male 15-20
male 15-20
male 10-15
male 10-15
male 10-15
female 5-10

male 50-60: Richard Gregory
female 50-60

male 40-50: Richard Gregory
female 40-50

male 30-40: Ephraim Gregory [at 32]
female 30-40

male 20-30: John Gregory [at 30]
female 20-30
male under 5
male under 5
female under 5

male 20-30: Isaac Gregory [at 26]
male 20-30
male 20-30
male 15-20
female 15-20
female 15-20
female 50-60 
Gregory, George (I2005)
64 (Research):Both John and his son, William, were linen weavers. In John's will he leaves his "looms and keys" to his daughter, Nancy. The evaluation of William's estate lists both wool and flax looms as well as several head of sheep. Linen weaving was the main cottage industry in the Northern Counties of Ireland. Will dated Sept. 23, 1788, "ABSTRACTS OF WILLS AND ESTATES RECORDS OF ROWAN COUNTY NC 1753-1805 AND TAX LISTS 1759-1778, p. 73"

There is a tobacco plantation lease dated 1740 where John, wife Margaret, and son William had signed a 25 year lease. 
Hendren, John (I21)
65 (Research):Boyd J. Holdaway
2005 Towne Manor Dr Nw
Kennesaw, GA 30144
(678) 290 - 9445

The two battles along the Hudson against Gen'l Burgoyne were apparently
the battles of Saratoga on Sept. 19 an Oct. 7, 1777." Morgen's Riflemen"
were a legendary unit that are held by many to have turned the tide and
iniated victory at the 1st Battle of Saratoga.

Groom: David Crows
Bride: Mary Hollaway
Bond Date: 02 Jun 1818
Bond #: 000164758
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 003783
County: Wilkes
Record #: 01 060
Bondsman: John Hollaway

Groom: Isaac Hollaway
Bride: Polley Pruett
Bond Date: 17 Mar 1828
Bond #: 000165749
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 006515
County: Wilkes
Record #: 01 122
Bondsman: Daniel Brown
Witness: J Saintclair, D

Groom: Hampton Hollaway
Bride: Mary Sparkes
Bond Date: 01 Feb 1834
Bond #: 000165750
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 007500
County: Wilkes
Record #: 01 122
Bondsman: Wm M Forester
Witness: Sam'l Johnson

Groom: John Hollaway
Bride: Betsey Wheatly
Bond Date: 11 Jan 1818
Bond #: 000165748
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 008504
County: Wilkes
Record #: 01 122
Bondsman: Wm Martin; Daniel Hollaway
Witness: W W Martin

Sparks, Solomon & Matilda Caudill, 1 April 1835;
Hampton Holldaway, bm 
Holdaway, Henry (I1159)
66 (Research):Bulloch County tax records do not start until 1854.

Sherrod McCall was surety for a $20,000 bond posted by Edward Mikell and Elizabeth Mikell, administrators of the estate of John Mikell, deceased, November 26, 1799. James Mikell was also a surety for the bond.
Bulloch County Will Book A, page 10.

Sherrod McCall received a deed September 3, 1805 to 500 acres in Bulloch County, "formerly St. Philips Parish" for $287.50.
Bulloch County Deed Book A, page 98.

Later that year Sherrod McCall and Margaret McCall gave a deed to John Dukes, blacksmith to 100 acres of the 500 for $300. The deed recited that the land had been originally granted by King George III to Andrew Bird in 1768.
Bulloch County Deed Book A, page 105.

On December 2, 1805 he received a deed from James Mikell to 202.5 acres in Baldwin County for $100. George McCall, his brother, was a witness to the transaction. At the same time he purchased from Thomas Mikell 202.5 acres in Wilkinson County for $43 which he had received November 30, 1805 in the state land lottery. Sherrod McCall himself had drawn "two blanks" in the lottery.
Bulloch County Deed Book A, page 106.

Indenture -A John Lee, planter and Elizabeth, his wife, and Burrel Whittington, planter, both of Bulloch Co., Georgia, $60 for 200 acres bounded by James Mikell's Land. Witness: William Cone, Jr., William Knight, William Cone, J.P.

Source: Bulloch Co. Georgia - Genealogical Source Material by Alvaretta Kenan Register pg. 49, May 17, 1799 R. July 18, 1801 
Mikell, James Sr. (I974)
67 (Research):Bulloch County, Georgia Genealogical Source Material by Alvaretta Kenan Register. c. 1985

ADMITTED IN 1837: Macedonia, Early County (Changed to Blakely in 1853)

DAR app. says he died after 29 Mar 1845. 
Jones, Josiah (I733)
68 (Research):Buried in Confederate Cemetery at Lynchburg, Va. No. 3, 3d Line, Lot 178. Powell, James G. (I2502)
69 (Research):By the Michael Shoemaker Bool, Elizabeth is still living on the 29 Dec 1792. [--?--], Elizabeth (I2020)
70 (Research):cemetery data shows birth as 19 Jun 1908 Lovett, Homer Parker (I1403)
71 (Research):Convent Road is post 1911, on the map it runs from Cross Ave to Georges St Lower, at no 11 there lived a Shelia Kenny in the early fifties.In Dunlaorie there is Tivoli Tce North, South and East, but on Tivoli Parade there is a Tivoli Lodge and an Anthony Stoney lived there in the early fifties, all of the above areas are within walking distence of each other.

Catherine: catherine10@eircom.net 
Long, Robert (I256)
72 (Research):CPL US Army WWII on tombstone Rich, Charles Arthur (I1283)
73 (Research):c_rich@bellsouth.net to me

In The Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County Bulletin of February 1987, Volume XV No. 1, there is Rutherford County, North Carolina Abstract of Minutes, Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions (by Hedy Hughes Newton) , shows July 1787 Shad. Rich as a juror on a trial "William Gilbert vs. John Smith: General Issue."
Prior to that, as published in Vol. XIV, No. 4 November 1986, Shad. Rich is listed as a juror on a trial which took place on April 13, 1787 "Andrew Miller (Burk) vs George Winters: Judgmt. by Default." The jury found for the plaintiff & "assess damages to L9.4."

Charles Rich
Rutherfordton, NC 
Rich, Shadrach (I5153)
74 (Research):DAR app. says she married Samuel Wilson Todd Jones, Mary F. (I2478)
75 (Research):DAR Vol. 103, p. 44 lists birth year as 1794 Gainer, Rebecca (I2508)
76 (Research):daughter of Thomas Slade and Ann Tolbert Slade, Nancy Ann (I499)
77 (Research):David Clay (Eva)
W. 6690
BLWt 5001-160-5

September 18, 1920
Mrs. E. M.. Price
1994 Lucile Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia
I advise you from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim, #6690, it appears that David Clay enlisted from Duplin County, North Carolina and served as a private in Captain Hall's and Jacob Korengay's North Carolina companies, no dates of service given, and he served from in 1782 for eighteen months as a private in Captain Evans' Company in the Tenth North Carolina Regiment. He was in several battles, no names stated. He died in August 1818 in Wilkinson County, Georgia.
The soldier married September 23 or 28, 1792 in Warren County, Georgia, Eve or Eva Harden. She was allowed pension on her application executed July 14, 1853, at which time she was living in Wilkinson County, Georgia. In 1855, she stated that she was about eighty-three years old. Children referred to in the case: Robert, Pearce, Sarah and Paton, the latter was fifty years old in 1855 and living in Wilkinson County, Georgia
Acting Commissioner
Source: National Archives, M805 Roll 193
Selected Records From Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900. M805.
898 rolls. DP. Godfrey.org 
Hardin, Eve (I2490)
78 (Research):Decatur County Minute Book A, 1824-1852
page 141, September Term 1839:

"It appearing to the court that citation having been
Issued for Letters of Administration on the Estate
of Jacob Harrell Deceased
It is therefore ordered that Dempsey Harrell be and
he is hereby appointed Administrator on [the Estate of - crossed out]
said Estate he first Giving bond and Security
in the Sum of Four thousand Dollars and
althrough [?] complying with the Law"

Decatur County Minute Book A, 1824-1852
page 417, 1 December 1851:

"The last will & testament of John Harrell
late of said county deceased having been pro-
by Josiah & Conrad Harrell Exrs named in said will
pounded ^ for probate - it is ordained that the
name[?] & the same having been proven in the [?]
of John P. Brock & Robert T. Parker witnessed
to the same, it is ordained that the same be & he
is hereby admitted to probate"

Decatur County Minute Book A, 1824-1852
page 212, 2 January 1843:

"Georgia } Court of Ordinary
Decatur County} Jany Term 1843
It appearing to the court that the Last will & testament
of Mary Harrell late of said County deceased has been propounded
before this court for probate at is present term by Samuel
Harrell the Executor named in said will and the same having
been duly proven by the oaths of Daniel B. Douglass & Samuel
Cooper it is on motion ordered that the said will be admitted
to record and that the same be by the clerk of said court
recorded according to Law and that he issue letters testamen
tary to the said Samuel Harrell on his Qualifying according
to Law"

Georgia } Court of Ordinary
Decatur County} Jany Term 1843
It appearing to the court that the last will & testament
of mary Harrell Late of said county deceased was propou
nded before this court for probate at its May Term 1838 by
Samuel Harrell the Executor of said will & that the same
was duly proven by the oaths of Daniel B. Douglass and
William Whiddon that an order was passed by said court
at said May term that said will being proven shall
be admitted to record. And it further appearing that the
Clerk of this Court ailed to enter said order upon the min
utes of said Court or if it was entered that the same has
been adstracted from said minutes. It is therefore
on motion of said Executor ordered that said order be
by the Clerk of said court at the present term thereof entirely
on the minutes of said court now for them. And that he
do open Letters testamentary to the said Samuel Harrell
on his Qualifying according to Law"

Decatur County Minute Book A, 1824-1852
page 138, May 1839:

"Ordered by the court that John Harrell be and
he is hereby appointed Guardian for the person and
property of Melvina Alaminta & John Greenberry
Harrell orphans and minors of William D. Harrell
Decd by first Giving bond and Security in the sum
of Sixteen Thousand dollars"

"Recorded Transcribed April 20th 1828, & March 18th 1869
Know all men by these presents that I John Brock senr of
Decatur County & state of Georgia have this day bargained sold alieved & coveyed
for & in consideration of the sum of two hundred dollars to me in hand paid
the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge & do bargain sell alieve & convey
unto Martha Brock a certain tract or parcel of land in sixteenth dis=
trict Early county when surveyed, now Decatur County known & distinguish
ed by number sixty being one hundred acres, beginning at the North West
corner running on the West line south to John Brock's (son of Wm Brock) line
thence on his line its course to Renfro's line thence on Renfro's line due East to
East line thence North to North East corner thence West to the beginning all
that said parcel of land to have & to hold the above bargained premises
with their appurtenances to the said Martha Brock her heirs executors & administra
tors forever and I. John Brock senr for myself my heirs executors & ad
ministrators do warrant & forever defend the said Martha Brock her heirs
& assigns from all lawful claim or claims of all & every other person.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this twenty sixth day of
January one thousand eight hundred & twenty six & of American Indepen
dence the fifthieth year.
Signed sealed & delivered in presence of } John Brock {seal}
A. Renfro
Duncan Curry J.I.C." 
Brock, John Sr. (I2931)
79 (Research):Dennis Moore states that Isaac was born abt. 1745. What is the source? Parlier, Isaac Sr. (I4309)
80 (Research):did not find her in 1860 census Roberts, Amy (I2006)
81 (Research):Died 26 Feb 1863 in Calvary, Grady Co., Ga and buried there
J. W. Bird, Confederate, 53rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Company F
(Film Number M226 roll 5)
Bird, James W. F. (I2823)
82 (Research):died 3 Sep 1864 in Whitley County, KY Gilreath, Benjamin Jones (I2428)
83 (Research):Don: taliaferro_family_2002@yahoo.com - Descended through son, Charles

He was a battle surgeon during the Revolutionary War. He was in the Battle of Guildford Court House. In 1796 he lived in Pittsylvania County, VA. In 1779 he had moved to Caroline County, VA and by 1790, he lived in Baldwin County, GA.

Rev. War Baptist Minister Military Service
Emigration: 1769 Pittsylvania Co., Va.
Rev. War Organized a Company of Minute Men & He was the Captain Military Service

Listed with DAR for Rev War Service Military Award

VA State Library, Rept., Vol 8, page 426. Natl. No. 139572 DAR

THE GRAVE OF JOHN TALIAFERRO IS IN THE VERY BACK BY THE FENCE. THE INSCRIPTION READS JOHN TALIAFERRO CAPTAIN VA.BN (Battalion) REV WAR APRIL,1821 (husband of Mary Harden) (father of LUCY who married JOHN LAWRENCE JONES) (father of Richard Taliaferro who married Dorcus Perkins)


Notes: Richard Taliaferro and Dorcus Perkins. Richard is buried at Guilford Battlefield in North Carolina. Dr. John Taliaferro served as a Captain of a Battalion of the Virginia Continental Line and also served as a surgeon and chaplain in the American Army under General Nathaniel Greene. Rose This info came from the following sources:
1. "Abstracts of Graves of Rev. Patriots," Reported to the DAR in 1956.
2. "DAR Patriot Index," p665
3. "Gravestones Inscriptions and Lineage's, Wilkinson County, GA.," p. 193
4. "Historic Georgia Families" "Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia, Vol.III by McCall John Taliaferro b. in Caroline co., VA. 1733; d. 1791(death date not true) in GA. Served as Capt. of Minutemen of VA Troops. Married Mary Hardin, daughter of Henry Hardin, Rev. Soldier of VA. and his wife Judith Lynch. Children of John and Mary: Richard b. 1759 Amherst Co., VA; d. 1781 in NC. a Rev. Soldier of VA. Md. Dorcus Perkins Charles Benjamin Judith Rosa Elizabeth Anna Betheland Sally Lucy Contributed by: TOMNROSEJ@aol.com 
Taliaferro, Dr. John (I2647)
84 (Research):Donna K. NEW, 6910 Factory Shoals Rd. Austell, GA 30168

Looks like malaria as you suspected. The Madeira (Medura) wine is to dissolve the bitter quinine in to dose - common method.

Alku Arodyne is probably alka anodyne - a pain killer - Anodyne is a generic term for pain killers - usually herbal in this time frame. Opium of course for pain

I think the "comp que" is an abbreviation for "compounded quinine". There was an entire library of quinine compounds and their recommended uses.

The "Mcr Tinct Iron" is most probably muriated tincture of iron (muriatic acid is an old name for hydrochloric acid so this is the acidified solution) - could be prescribed for many things ......

As for the blisters there was a whole lore about how creating just such blisters in certain areas could treat internal disease.

For interesting historical readings please see links at:

Sounds like the whole place was very sick and this person was valiantly trying to do everything they could to save lives. 
Wall, Jesse (I2507)
85 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Wollaston, Nancy (I3057)
86 (Research):E-mail dated 24 May 2007:

Do you know if there was a connection between John Powell and Benjamin Stegall families prior to Hardy G Powell's son Julian Holms Powell (born 1879) marrying Luta Mae Stegall (born 1896).

I have a copy of a letter W. W. Stegall wrote to his father John Stegall (son of Benjamin) from St Marks, Florida Dec 17, 1863. W. W. was a member of the Campbell's Seige Artillary.

W. W. Stegall mentions "old man Powell & Jessey & Hardy Powell came yesterday morning & they are agoing to go back to morrow the old man & Jessey is agoing but Hardy has to stay with us they want you to come just as quick as you can".

The other people mentioned in the letter are family members, which leads me to beleive they were related.

Mary Alice Stegall Wojcik


1077 NORTH 300 EAST
CENTERVILLE UTSubmission: AF91-106409
USA 84014-1619

1077 NORTH 300 EAST
CENTERVILLE UT Submission: AF95-100123
USA 84014-1619


1827 GEORGIA LAND LOTTERY, Statewide By Name, Surnames Pile - Pyron Source: "Reprint of Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia 1827," Compiled and Published by Miss Martha Lou Houston, Columbus, Georgia, printed by Walton-Forbes Company, Columbus, Georgia 1928.

2 2 252 Powell, John Jones County

This John Powel shows up in Jones County in 1830 as a 50-60 year old with a son, 2 daughters, and a 50-60 year old wife.


POWELL - A Cemetery
Transcribed by: Ida Kirkland Boyce Email: ida@avana.net Compiled by: Mr. Eustus Howard Hayes, sometime between 1954 - 1956 Obtained from: Microfilm at the Georgia Archives, Drawer 91, Roll 62

Powell, Sarah 17 Jun 1792 16 Apr 1852 Age 59 yrs 9 mos 29 days
Powell, William 11 Nov 1783 15 Dec 1836 Age 56 Yrs l mo 4 days

POWELL - B Cemetery
Powell, William 01 Jun 1830 29 May 1892 2nd Lt. 50 Ga Inf Civil War 
Powell, John (I1871)
87 (Research):E-mail from Ann Krahn (pickles@tsf.net) dated 9/21/2003: One of the reasons some of the Combs/Hendren line may have moved back to NC from Indiana was the fact that Hancock County, where they settled, was not a particularly healthy one. Apparently there was a great deal of illness (I'm not sure what kind) from the miasma. I found it surprising though, that in traveling that far, they would have chosen to settle finally, in a boggy area.

Children of Jehu & Elizabeth Combs Hendren:

William Hicks HENDREN b. 14 Jun 1834; m. 7 Dec 1853 Louisa BATES
Charlotte Matilda HENDREN b. 19 May 1836, m. 18 Aug 1857 Ambros F. HENDREN
John Evan HENDREN b. 3 Oct 1838, d. 1 Jul 1862 Civil War
(Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore) 
Hendren, Charlotte "Matilda" (I303)
88 (Research):E-mail from Ann Krahn on 9/30/2003:
Hayes, Johnson and Allied Families Genealogical Family History, Volume 1 by Charles Clifton Hayes and Associates

The author continues later in the book with the names of the children of Henry Hayes Sr. and his wife Kizziah and at this point suggests that her maiden name may have been Hartwell.

"Son (1) Jonathan Hayes born ca 1775 probably in Granville Co. NC. Married 30 Oct 1798 to Rachel Mitchell born ca 1773. Moved to Letcher Co. KY. Died after 1880.
Dau (2) Sarah Hayes born ca 1770s probably in Granville Co. NC. Married in double wedding with brother Jonathan 30 Oct 1798 to William Mitchell born ca 1778. They moved to Indiana.
Son (3) James Hayes born ca 1783, probably Granville Co. NC, believed to have crossed the mountain to Carter Co. TN.
Dau (4) Kizziah Hayes born ca 1782/85 in Granville or Orange or Wilkes County NC. Married Thomas Hicks Combs 3 Feb 1801 Wilkes Co. NC" 
Hayes, Henry Horne Sr. (I279)
89 (Research):Edward was born probably in 1794 or shortly before since he applied for land grants in 1813, as shown above. He applied on August 14, 1813 for 200 acres in Emanuel County, which was granted in 1820, and, that same date, for 300 acres (grant date not shown) but located on Trail Branch in Emanuel County.

The 1820 census of Emanuel County showed Edward Rich as Head of a household with 1 male under 10, 1 male 16 to 26; and, 1 female under 10, and 1 female 16 to 26; as well as 1 foreigner not naturalized. (15; 48) He does not appear in subsequent Georgia census reports.

In August 1822, Edward Rich gave an affidavit to Justice of the Peace S. B. Hester attesting to a land sale by the Kinchens. (40: 631)

Footprints Along the Hoopee by Dorsey, page 30:
"One brief mention of a murder in this period survies. Apparently Issac Vincent was jailed in April of 1829 for the murder of Samuel Hogans. Soon after, Vincent escaped from jail. The newspaper account says that he escapted with the help of the jailer, Edward Rich, who reportedly had left the county. Several months later, the Governor offered a reward of $150 for Vincent's capture."
Savannah Georgia July 30, 1829

The Emanuel County local newspaper, The Federal Union, carried the following reports of court decisions leading to economic setbacks for Edward Rich who is thought to have been Stephen's son: (18; 41)

July 24, 1830: Edward ordered to forfeit slave Aaron for failing to pay a bill owed to Geneper Hall. (30)

May 26, 1836: Edward lost 600 acres to Daniel Rich for failure to pay tax due. (52)

February 14, 1837 issue: Edward lost 300 acres on Conoochee River for failure to pay tax due.

Why these setbacks? Perhaps the following anecdote provides the answer. Edward was employed as the jailer in Emanuel County during the 1820's when Stephen, Sr. was county sheriff. In 1829, Isaac Vincent was jailed for the murder of Samuel Hogans. Soon Vincent escaped from the jail, allegedly with the help of jailer Edward, who reportedly left the county shortly thereafter. Maybe Edward's loss of so much land was the result of not doing his job at the jail. It must be noted that Stephen was sheriff at the same time Edward was deputy-sheriff and jailer. Could his father have provided a job for his son? (11 :30; 18: 14)

Georgia Newspaper Clippings, Emanuel County Extracts, 1815-1889 by Tad
Statesman and Patriot, Milledgeville: [I didn't get the page number]
Tuesday, September 12, 1826 - Sheriff Sales...will be sold...200 acres
of land adjoining Joseph Sumner, levied on as the property of Jesse
Price, to satisfy executions or fi fas in favor of tax
collector...Edward RICH, D. Sheriff..

Deeds And Mortgages of Emanuel County, Georgia, Book A-R, Pg. 51-52
This indenture made this nineteenth day of April, 1824...Edward RICH of
the State of Georgia and county of Emanuel, of the one part, and John
Scott of the County aforesaid of the other part, witnesseth: that the
said Edward RICH for and in consideration of the sum of $100 to him in
hand paid by said John Scott at or before the sealing and delivery of
these presents, the receipt whereof, is hereby acknowledged, hath given,
granted, bargained, sold, ...and doth give, grant, .....unto the said
John Scott and to his heirs ...one certain tract ..of land, ...being in
the County of Emanuel on Canoochee, binding on vacant lands on all sides
containing 300 acres........I, the said Edward RICH, here unto set my
hand affixed ...the day and year first above written." Edward RICH (LS)
Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of: Joseph Smith, James Walea
Rich, Edward (I2930)
90 (Research):Emanuel County, Georgia Court of Ordinary, Book A,
Sales of Estates 1857-1874
Estate of William Hall Deceased.
Sale of the Personal property occurred on 21 and 22 January 1857.
Purchasers not named above include ["Above" was the sale of William
Hall's Negros - no RICHs] C. M. PRITCHARD, Welcomb COLEMAN, John HECKLE,
Campbell M. RICHARD, Allen BISHOP, Asa BROWN, Gideon H. KENNEDY, A. M.
MOORE, Samuel MCKENZIE, Reubin MARTIN, William A. RITCHARD, Mathew
Daniel E. RICH, Littleton CROSS, John W. GREEN, Samuel GREEN, E. L.
KIRKLAND, Wm. A. RICH, Wm J. RICH, Joseph A. RICH, Y? L. BROWN, Samuel
KENNEDY, Benjamin SCREWS, John K. HALL, John LAMB, Linza COLEMAN, Mathew
John MARTIN, A. E. WIGGINS, Silas RALLS, Jerry DREW, Wm A. Bedenfield. 
Rich, Joseph Abraham (I4384)
91 (Research):Emanuel County, Georgia Court of Ordinary, Book A,
Sales of Estates 1857-1874
Estate of William Hall Deceased.
Sale of the Personal property occurred on 21 and 22 January 1857.
Purchasers not named above include ["Above" was the sale of William
Hall's Negros - no RICHs] C. M. PRITCHARD, Welcomb COLEMAN, John HECKLE,
Campbell M. RICHARD, Allen BISHOP, Asa BROWN, Gideon H. KENNEDY, A. M.
MOORE, Samuel MCKENZIE, Reubin MARTIN, William A. RITCHARD, Mathew
Daniel E. RICH, Littleton CROSS, John W. GREEN, Samuel GREEN, E. L.
KIRKLAND, Wm. A. RICH, Wm J. RICH, Joseph A. RICH, Y? L. BROWN, Samuel
KENNEDY, Benjamin SCREWS, John K. HALL, John LAMB, Linza COLEMAN, Mathew
John MARTIN, A. E. WIGGINS, Silas RALLS, Jerry DREW, Wm A. Bedenfield. 
Rich, William J. (I4389)
92 (Research):Emanuel County: Appraisement of Estates, 1812-1841
"OVERSTREET, Daniel Apr. 3, 1826 Martha Overstreet 69-70" 
Overstreet, Daniel (I5797)
93 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Long, Monica (I2773)
94 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Edwards, Ruth L. (I1221)
95 (Research):From "The History of Columbia and Mountour Counties" Battle, 1887

FRANCIS W. JONES, miller, Fishingcreek, is a son of Richard B. JONES, a brother of James N. JONES, whose sketch appears above. Richard B. was born September 4, 1815, and died July 3, 1877, aged sixty-one years and ten months. He also learned the trade of milling and lumbering which he followed until he and his brother, James N., dissolved partnership, when he devoted himself exclusively to farming and lumbering until a few years before his death. He married, in 1840, Miss Sallie Ann, daughter of George KLINE of Orange township. She was born October 23, 1815, and died March 14, 1869, aged fify-one years, four months and twenty-two days. They had five children, two of whom died young. The others were James E., a farmer, who died in 1886 in Asbury, was a soldier in the war of the Rebellion, serving in the Sixteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry, from which he was discharged on account of sickness, and, on recovering his health he enlisted in the One Hundred and Ninety-Eighth Regiment and served until the close of the war; Rebecca M., wife of Park EVELAND, living in Steuben County, N. Y., and Francis W. Our subject was born June 1, 1846, and in his youth worked for hhis father on the farm and at lumbering until 1864. He then enlisted in the One Hundred and Ninety-Fourth Pennsylvania Volunteers and served 100 days; re-enlsted, this time in the Seventy-fourth and served until the close of the war, when, with his regiment, he was honorably discharged. On his return he taught school for four terms and worked at lumbering in the summer. In 1868 he and his brother, James E., bought from Mears & Thomas the grist-mill originally built by his grandfather, which he is now conducting, besides being engaged in lumbering. On his marriage he removed to the hosue where his father lived and the latter resided with him until his death. Our subject then bought the property, and in the summer of last year built for himself, a fine new residence a few rods from the old home, to which he removed. July 24, 1870, he married Monema, daughter of Jacob GREGORY. She was born in Union, Luzerne County, January 9, 1849, and had been a teacher in that county for several years. To their union three children were born; George G., born December 5, 1872; Ellen, born August 26, 1877, and Fanny G., born march 25, 1881. Mr. JONES is a Republican. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Fishingcreek Township pg 443) 
Gregory, Manemia (I2004)
96 (Research):From Carla Hunt on 17 January 2007:
"For Jeremiah Gilreath, we also have an additional daughter, Martha listed.
Born in 1813, she married Joseph Marlow in Wilkes County in August 1829. A
receipt is recorded in the Wilkes County Deed Book, dated December 30, 1836,
where Jospeh sells to Jeremiah his wife's (Martha) share of Jeremiah's
estate. The Marlows moved to Cherokee County NC by 1850.Two of their sons
served in the 52nd Georgia Infantry with Green and Lewis Gilreath.
I found a website with the 52nd Georgia Infantry roster listed. The unit
from Union County includes Green A. Gilreath, Lewis William Gilreath (1st
Lieutenant), Noah Gilreath, Jeremiah J. Marlow and Joel L. Marlow.
The website is:
Gilreath, Jeremiah (I2030)
97 (Research):GA TEC4 SIG Service BN, WW II, 128/9 Rich, Forrest Elijah Sr. (I1258)
98 (Research):Georgia Land Lottery: 1803 entitled to 2 lots of land west of Fort Cumberland due to military service. Stone, John (I2633)
99 (Research):Gilreath Researcher: Lisa Cumby lcumby@yadtel.net Gilreath, George (I310)
100 (Research):Groom: Hugh Minton
Bride: Mary Blackburn
Bond Date: 24 Feb 1858
Bond #: 000166622
Marriage Date: 25 Feb 1858
County: Wilkes
Record #: 02 177
Witness: Jas McNiel
Performed By: Jas McNiel, Minister of the Gospel 
Minton, Hugh (I4861)

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