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101 (Research):Groom: James Ramsey
Bride: Margret Wallis
Bond Date: 05 Feb 1772
Bond #: 000128798
County: Rowan
Record #: 02 367
Bondsman: William Wallace
Witness: Thomas Frohock

Groom: Joseph Jones
Bride: Ellender Wallas
Bond Date: 09 Jan 1779
Bond #: 000166029
County: Wilkes
Record #: 01 140
Bondsman: Charles Walker; Jesse Greer
Witness: Wm Lenoir, Clerk of Court

Groom: Samuel Wallis
Bride: Mary Lewis
Bond Date: 27 Mar 1780
Bond #: 000130158
County: Rowan
Record #: 02 448
Bondsman: James Handrih
Witness: B Booth Boote

Groom: Matthew Bailey
Bride: Polley Wallis
Bond Date: 19 Oct 1803
Bond #: 000143058
County: Surry
Record #: 01 009
Bondsman: Benjamin Sparks

Groom: Revel Wallis
Bride: Elibeth Cowan
Bond Date: 27 Mar 1807
Bond #: 000130157
County: Rowan
Record #: 02 448
Bondsman: John Cowan

Groom: Samuel Wallies
Bride: Sarah Hicks
Bond Date: 24 Jan 1809
Bond #: 000130154
County: Rowan
Record #: 02 447
Bondsman: Jacob Myers
Witness: Jn March, Sr

Groom: Darlin Allin
Bride: Susanna Wallice
Bond Date: 01 Apr 1809
Bond #: 000163911
County: Wilkes
Record #: 01 007
Bondsman: William Keeter
Witness: R Martin

Groom: Joseph Mires
Bride: Lidda Wallace
Bond Date: 29 Oct 1810
Bond #: 000166628
County: Wilkes
Record #: 02 178
Bondsman: Stephen Matthew
Witness: R Martin, Clerk

Groom: William Wallis
Bride: Jane Foster
Bond Date: 27 Oct 1812
Bond #: 000130159
County: Rowan
Record #: 02 448
Bondsman: John Hughston
Witness: Jno Giles Clerk of Court

Groom: Minyard Gibson
Bride: Rachel Wallis
Bond Date: 17 Feb 1813
Bond #: 000144677
County: Surry
Record #: 01 084
Bondsman: Henry Davis

Groom: James Wallin
Bride: Betsy Lynn
Bond Date: 26 Mar 1814
Bond #: 000130155
County: Rowan
Record #: 02 447
Bondsman: J Washington Sm
Witness: Geo Dunn

Groom: Thomas Dornbush
Bride: Prisey Wallace
Bond Date: 16 Mar 1816
Bond #: 000164913
County: Wilkes
Record #: 01 069
Bondsman: Micajah Lunsfor
Witness: R Martin, Clerk

Groom: George Combs
Bride: Salley Wallace
Bond Date: 24 Jan 1820
Bond #: 000164671
County: Wilkes
Record #: 01 054
Bondsman: Phillip Glass
Witness: R Martin 
Wallis, Sarah A. (I228)
102 (Research):Groom: John Parleir
Bride: Arreney Triplett
Bond Date: 07 Nov 1832
Bond #: 000166881
County: Wilkes
Record #: 02 194
Bondsman: James Parleir
Witness: M Chatham

3/3/99--Will of James Parlier names children: wife Lucretia, Thomas P., land and building and improvements; dau. Mary Elizabeth Parlier [wife of Noah B. Parlier],land; will written 20 April 1875. E.B. Phillips, witness, will probated 3 June 1878.

3/28/00--Will of Jas. Parlier was filed in Wilkes Co., NC in 1878. 
Parlier, James A. (I246)
103 (Research):Halifax Co., NC WB "2" page 86
James JONES Lend wife Sarah JONES Land and plantation where I now live & my plantation known as Bracker's Neck during her life or widowhood and at her death; son John JONES Bracker's Neck plantation, negro and etc. and son Frederick JONES plantation where I now live, negro etc, son Albritain JONES 360 acs & 67 acs on Beech Swamp land purchased from James TURNER, slave and etc. and should he die without heirs to be divided between my sons James JONES & Frederick JONES, daughters Feraby PHILLIPS and Ann HANCOCK 1 negro each.
Wit. Fredrick JONES, William NOBLIN, Albritan JONES, John WHITAKER.
Extrs. my son John JONES and John WHITAKER.

James JONES owned land N side of Fishing Creek (Halifax Co., NC) and on Beech Swamp. Beaverdam Swamp runs off Beech Swamp near the Nash Co. and Edgecombe Co., NC lines. Short Swamp is some where in the area James JONES had a 706 acs Granville Grant 10 Nov 1756. This land is near Enfield, NC which is on US 301. Hope this gives you an idea where John and Ann COFFIELD JONES lived.

NC Patent Book 11 page 208, 10 Nov 1756
#877 James JONES 706 acs in Edgecombe County in Edgrecombe Parish, joining Christopher Hearn, Richard WHITAKER, a pocoson, JONES's line, John WILKES, Beech Swamp, Morgans line, James SPEARS, and Short Swamp. OR: /s/ (mark)
Wit: Jno HAYWOOD, W. HAYWOOD entered 29 April 1754 surveyrd 17 Aug. 1754 SCC Bryant OQUIN, Joseph TROBEVELL Jno HAYWOOD D. Survr.

NC Patent Book 14 page 147, 21 May 1762
#2964 James JONES 178 acs in Halifax Co., Co. on N. side of Short Swamp, joing Joseph BUTLER, Brantleys line, a Branch, John MERRIT, and the said swamp OR: ?s? (mark) Wit: Jos MONTFORT, John LINTON Surveyed (date not given) SCC: Richard WHITAKER, John MERRIT, Egbert HAYWOOD Surveyor?

Edgecombe Co., NC Court Minutes 1744-1746 James BIRD/BYRD. Will proved by oaths of Thomas TURNER, James JONES and Walter MCFARLIN, and the exrs. qualified, May 20, 1746. Inventory taken by Ann Byrd. Aug Ct. 1766

b. 1700-1708
Probate Nov Ct. 1778 Halifax Co., NC
2. Frederick JONES
3. Albritain JONES md (1)Temperance (2) Betsy HUX
4. James JONES
5. Feraby JONES md Arthur PHILLIPS
6. Ann JONES md Randolph HANCOCK
Albritain JONES served in the Rev. War. 
Jones, James Sr. (I5129)
104 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Murphy, Robert J. (I2757)
105 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Kenny, Brenden (I602)
106 (Research):have two adopted children: boy and girl Murphy, Helen R. (I1053)
107 (Research):He received final war settlement in 1790, member of N.C. General Assembly, member legislature from Caswell, Co., in 1787, House of Common from Person Co., in 1792. Elected to the Senate in 1800. Womack, John (I500)
108 (Research):HE WAS A GREAT MAN AND LOVED TO TELL STORIES. He told me a lot.
Joan Baity
Old Wilkes, Inc.
Bumgarner, Charles Grant (I26)
109 (Research):Henry's son was Larkin Cite Holdaway b. July 1778 Wilkes Co., NC, d. Dec.31 1862 in Scott Co.,Va. of typhoid. He was a physician. He married Nancy Guthry on June 3, 1828 in Scott Co.,VA. Holdaway, Larkin Cite Sr. (I4728)
110 (Research):http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/fl/holmes/cemetery/shady.txt Rich, Riley Bradberry (I76)
111 (Research):http://www.berksregofwills.com/berks_estate_1_search.asp
Estate Records, County of Berks
John Gregory 1784 Longswamp Township 15 pages
Gregory, John Sr. (I2014)
112 (Research):http://www.berksregofwills.com/berks_estate_1_search.asp
Estate Records, County of Berks
Richard Gregory 1765 Hereford Township 8 pages

Richard Gregory settled some time prior to 1734 in what was then known as Philadelphia County in the Province of Pennsylvania. Under a Patent granted by John Penn, Thomas Penn and Richard Penn there was surveyed unto Richard Gregory of the County of Philadelphia on the 20th day of Nov. 1734 a certain tract of land situated between macongie (Macungie) and New Cowisseoppin (New Goshenhoppen) in the said county 300 acres, beginning at a certain tree at a corner of the said Richard Gregory's other land &c.

The above-named original patents are recorded in the Department of Internal Affairs at Harrisburg, PA. It appears that all patents were contiguous and adjacent to Richard Gregory's former holdings in Philadelphia County, PA., with exception of the warrant dated February 22, 1744, referring to lands on the Oley Hills.

The place where he settled is about half mile from the village now called Harlem, formally Perryville, in the south side of the road leading from Harlem to Huff's church, Hereford Twp., Berks County, PA. The stone house, which he erected, is still standing, in good condition and must be over two hundred years old. The homestead remained in the Gregory family up to 1866 when Samuel Gregory, a bachelor died and it padded into the hands of Solomon Gery also a bachelor and a nephew of Samuel Gregory. After the death of Solomon Gregory, Allen M. Tollinger, a nephew of Solomon Gregory became the owner and still owns and lives on the original Gregory homestead (1930).

Diligent search for his grave has been made but without avail. He was either buried somewhere on his own plantation or in one of the four private burial grounds located within a radius of several miles from his home. These graveyards have many unmarked graves, and were used as burial places before the establishment of a church in the vacinity. Neither have any of the graves of any of his children been discovered. The first burial record we have is that of his grandson John Gregory the second who died in 1835 and is buried at Huff's Church. When Huff's Church, a union church-Reformed and Lutheran-was established in the year 1815 burials were made in its adjoining graveyard. The church is located about on and one half mile from the old Gregory homestead. The descendants of Richard Gregory who lived and are still living in the County of Berks are members of the
Reformed Church, and in politics they have associated themselves with the Democratic Party and have remained steadfast to the principals of both institutions up to the present time. 
Gregory, Richard Sr. (I2015)
113 (Research):http://www.co.berks.pa.us/rwills/s/Estates.aspx
Estate Records, County of Berks
Susannah Gregory 1808 Hereford Township 7 pages

misc. data to save on Gearhart
Immigrant's surname: GEARHART
Immigrant's given name(s): Lenhart [Leonard]
Ship name: Loyal Judith
U.S. arrival date: 25 Nov 1740
Port: Philadelphia, PA
Place of origin: Born: Lettweiler - Rheinland Pfatz, Germany
Source: ship passenger lists, also info given to me by family member
Spouse: Elizabeth Dudley

Submitted by: Chere Fleischer
Email address: stonamal@sedona.net
Address: 1022 Meadowlark Lane
Cottonwood, Az. 86326 
Gearhart, Mary Susannah (I2013)
114 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Gilreath, Martha Jane (I235)
115 (Research):http://www.irelandoldnews.com/Limerick/1895/MAY.html
The Limerick Reporter & Tipperary Vindicator, 7 May 1895

THE QUARRY ACCIDENT. It has been ascertained on inquiry at Barington's Hospital that the two men, Patrick Hurley and Daniel Foley, labourers, who sustained such fearful injuries during blasting operations in a quarry at Kishiquirke on Thursday, continued in a weak condition. Hurley, who was more seriously injured than his companion, besides being deprived of the sight of an eye, will in all probability lose his left arm, as it is apprehended the limb will have to undergo amputation. Foley's injuries are not so serious, though badly scorched about the head, neck, and arms, and under the care of Dr Mulcahy a speedy recovery is anticipated in his case.

1867 2nd qtr 5-2-1867 101670? Vol 10 p 204 #383 HURLEY Margaret servant 55
chronic bronchitis some years, certified Dunmanway Dunmanway Castleroad,
Dunmanway Margaret HURLY present at death, Castle Road, Dunmanway

1866 101139 HURLEY James 11-24-1866 Ballyneen Dunmanway William HURLEY
Anne CROWLEY Sibling to Jeremiah b 11-1869 & John b 5-1871

1869 101199 HURLEY Jeremiah 11-29-1869 Ballyneen Dunmanway William HURLEY
Anne CROWLEY Sibling to James b 11-1866 & John b 5-1871

1871 255824 HURLEY John 5-8-1871 Ballyneen Dunmanway William HURLEY Anne
CROWLEY Sibling to Jeremiah b 11-1869 & James b 11-1866

1869 101184 HURLY (sic) James 1-11-1869 Ballyneen Dunmanway John HURLEY

1869 HURLEY James 3-13-1869 Coolmountain Cork James HURLY (sic) Mary
CROWLEY Sibling to Timothy b 11-1866

1866 101139 HURLEY Timothy 11-28-1866 Coolmountain Cork James HURLY (sic)
Mary CROWLEY Sibling to James b 3-1869

1869 101189 HURLEY James 4-11-1869 Ballyneen Dunmanway Michael HURLEY
Mary MCCARTHY Sibling to Jeremiah b 4-1871

1871 HURLEY Jeremiah 4-27-1871 Ballyneen Dunmanway Michael HURLEY Mary
MCCARTHY Sibling to James b 14-1869

1869 HURLY Eugen 1-27-1867 Kinsale Cork

1869 101194 HURLY James 7-26-1869 Dunmanway Cork Timothy HURLY Catherine

1868 101169 HURLEY Mary 6-6-1868 Dunmanway Cork James HURLEY Ellen LEARY
Sibling to James b 12-1869 & Johanna b 5-1871

1869 101199 HURLEY James 12-7-1869 Dunmanway Cork James HURLEY Ellen
LEARY Sibling to Mary b 6-1868 & Johanna b 5-1871

1871 255824 HURLEY Johanna 5-20-1871 Dunmanway Cork James HURLEY Ellen
LEARY Sibling to James b 12-1869 &Mary b 6-1868

1869 101194 HURLEY James 7-11-1869 Ballyneen Dunmanway James HURLY (sic)
Johanna RYAN

1871 255824 HURLY James 5-15-1871 Dunmanway Cork Florence HURLY
Catherine CROWLY Sibling to Catherine b 1-1869 & John b 5-1867

1869 HURLY Catherine 1-4-1869 Dunmanway Cork Florence HURLY Kitty
CROWLY Sibling to James b 5-1871 & John b 5-1867

1867 HURLY John 5-20-1867 Dunmanway Cork Florence HURLY Catherine
CROWLY Sibling to Catherine b 1-1869 & James b 5-1871

1871 HURLEY James 7-14-1871 Coolmountain Cork John HURLEY Ellen

1871 255838 HURLEY James 12-17-1871 Ballyneen Dunmanway Richard HURLEY
Catherine COLLINS Sibling to John b 6-1868

1868 HURLEY John 6-9-1868 Ballyneen Dunmanway Richard HURLEY Kate
COLLINS Sibling to James b 12-1871

1871 255838 HURLY James 12-12-1871 Dunmanway Michael HURLY Johanna
CROWLY Sibling to Jeremiah b 1867

1867 101144 HURLY Jeremiah 3-10-1867 Dunmanway Michael HURLY Johanna
CROWLY Sibling to James b12-1871

1868 101164 HURLY Bartholomew 3-28-1868 Murragh Cork Patrick HURLY Maria
CONNOLLY Sibling to John b 1-1870

1870 HURLY John 1-13-1870 Murragh Cork Patrick HURLY Maria CONNOLLY
Sibling to Bartholomew b 3-1868

1869 101189 HURLY Bartholomew 5-28-1869 Dunmanway Cork Michael HURLY
Mary CONNOR Sibling to Ellen b 5-1867 & Catherine b 8-1871

1867 101149 HURLY Ellen 5-28-1869 Dunmanway Cork Michael HURLY Mary
CONNOR Sibling to Bartholomew b 5-1869 & Catherine b 8-1871

1871 255831 HURLY Catherine 5-28-1869 Dunmanway Cork Michael HURLY
Mary CONNOR Sibling to Ellen b 5-1867 & Bartholomew b 5-1869 
Hurley, Patrick (I3372)
116 (Research):http://www.rootsweb.com/~irltip2/1824dir_roscrea.htm
(FHL film # 1279256)

1824 Pigot's Directory: Roscrea
Maher, Cornelius Grove St. Tailors
Maher, Denis ? Publicans
Maher, Timothy Castle-street Bakers
Maher, Timothy - Publicans
Maher, William Main-St. Publicans

1824 Pigot's Directory: Thurles
MAHER, Thomas Linen and woollen draper

Published lists of Prince Edward Islanders who supported the Repeal Movement in Ireland in the early 1840s, published originally in the Halifax Register
The Island Magazine, Volume 20, Fall and Winter, 1986
The largest gathering of Repealers was the eighty-one at Bedeque:
121. Dennis Maher, Mullinahone, Tipperary (see also Meagher)
Maher, Dennis (I3799)
117 (Research):http://www.rootsweb.com/~paluzern/bios/gibios.htm

Gregory, J., 78, Hunlock Twp., Nov 20

Take Rt. 11 to Shickshinny, PA. Turn north at red light on Rt. 239. Go approximately one mile and pass Pine Cone Restaurant (on right). Go over a very small bridge and you will be at a crossroads in the small town of Koonsville. At the Citgo gas station, turn right. When road dead ends, turn left towards Reyburn (another very small town). On this road, you will pass through Sorber Cemetery as it is on both sides of the road.

DB55p536 DOD 22 Feb 1851 DOR 21 May 1853-Zebulon & Ann Moore of Lyons, Wayne Co, NY to Jacob Gregory of Union Twp, 76 acres 66 perches exc. 12 acres 22 rods (deeded to Zebulon by Joseph Moore on 19 May 1840). Conditions mentioned are that Jacob Gregory shall keep Joseph & Ann Moore in `a comfortable and suitable manner, providing for them..' [I have actual deed in file] or land reverts back to Zebulon.

DB-Land in DB55p536 conveyed back to Zebulon Moore by Jacob & Ellen Gregory on 02 May 1854.

DB222p519 DOD 10 Feb 1881 DOR 07 Mar 1881: Jacob & Ellen Gregory of Hunlock Twp, Robert S. & Eveline Moore of Fairmount Twp...heirs of George Gregory. See file for details. [Gail - Robert Sebastian Moore was s/o John Kerr Moore who was the brother of Ellen's father Joseph Moore thus Robert and Ellen were first cousins who married the Gregory siblings.] 
Gregory, Jacob (I2002)
118 (Research):Hugh Smithwick immigrated to the colonies sometime prior to 1642. The first recorded information for Hugh is as a headright of William Eyres of Virginia on 23 May 1642. William Eyres received a land grant on that date for 750 acres in Upper Norfolk upon an arm of the west branch of Nansamund River adjoining John Garrett. The grant was for transporting 15 persons to the colonies, including Francis Speight, Thomas Bridwell, Robert Stany, Sarah Sanner, John Mondy, Walter Besley, John Blackburne, John Bay, William Nichols, William Fenn, Jeremiah Velayne, Edward Townsend, John Ray, Hugh Rout and Hugh Smithwicke. (See Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. 1, page 129.) Fenn, William (I5800)
119 (Research):HUNLOCK TOWNSHIP Is but fifteen years old, being organized January 8, 1877; taken from Union and Plymouth townships, at the time of its formation containing a population of 759, which in 1890 increased to 881. When first known there were friendly and peaceable Indians inhabiting in their way the foothills and had small patches in the narrow valley which they cultivated. The first settler was a man named Boggs, who located on the Abram Van Horn place, built his log cabin and cleared a small patch and lived there some years. Boggs joined the Revolutionary army and it is supposed he was away from home when his family was driven away or massacred by the Indians. All known is that the place reverted to the desert, that this family found it and the marks of their being once there were in the scattered ruins of their home. It is said that the friendly Indians who were neighbors of the Boggses shared their fate-driven off or massacred. Jonathan Hunlock, from whom the township gets its name, and Edward Blanchard settled prior to 1778 at the mouth of the creek. They were without families and returned to their old homes, about1790. Soon after Fredrick Croop settled near the river and opened the I. Davenport farm. About the same time came John Croop and the numerous family, of Sorbers and settled back of the mountain and up the creek, a mile or more from the mouth, where Hiram Croop's mills were built. Philip Sorber, son of Jacob, made his improvement a mile still further up the creek. These two families-Sorber and Croops-were mill men and built the sawmills and sawed out much of the lumber, cutting the larger part of their timber in their vicinity. Other German families followed the Sorbers and Croops, coming across from the upper Delaware, as the Millers, Cases, Davenports, Cragles, Deits and Braders. These made good and thrifty citizens-noted for their industry and sobriety. In 1707 Joseph Dodson moved into the settlement, from the adjoining Plymouth settlement. He had married Susanna Benner, daughter of Joshua Bennet. His son Joseph B. Dodson, was born on the old place where he resided all his long life-and aged and respected citizen and the survivor of his family. Samuel Dodson and his brother-in-law Isaac Van Horn were pioneers and good citizens.

A smelting furnace was built in 1857 near the mouth of the creek by William Koons. That once promising industry passed away when the canal came, bringing iron from the iron points. Nothing now marks the place of the old forge. Fredrick Hartman built his flouring mill in 1843, on the creek about three miles up. Ransom Monroe owned and operated it many years. Leonard Ritchie built his saw and feedmill about four miles up the creek in 1850. George Gregory in 1857 bought Pritchard's mill and rebuilt and enlarged it the next year, with his brother Benjamin Gregory. In 1869 Jacob Rice built his feed and chopping mill about one mile from the mouth of the creek. Ransom Pringle became the leading merchant and for many years carried on his store near the railroad station. Hiram Croop had his store near Croop's mills, other traders being Darius Whitsell and Alexander Dodson

Hunlock Creek in a station on the railroad, where are two hotels and one general store.

Roaring Brook was once a post office, which was removed to the north part of the township; here is a country store and church.

Gregory is a postoffice and a tollgate on the turnpike; a gristmill and an extensive stone quarry.

This Town History was donated by Carol Wandel. (wandel@idir.net)
All Pages copyright ?1998 by Tammy Lamb. None of these pages connected to Luzerne County Genweb may be copied without prior written permission from Author. 
Gregory, Ida Luella (I1075)
120 (Research):husband - Rowland Bower?
daughters: Jane, Susan, and Anne or Adelaide (whose funeral was in Bainbridge?) 
Lewis, Louise (I2607)
121 (Research):I. WILLIAM (Thomas) b. 1802; m. 8 Jan 1822 Wilkes Co, NC to Asenath (Ascena) ELLIS, born 8 Aug 1800, dau of William & Ann (-----) ELLIS, d. 9 Sep 1869 in Greene Co, IN. William d 9 Sep 1869 of typhoid fever. Both are buried at Smith Cemetery, Greene Co, IN.

8 Jan 1822 Marriage date: William Combs & Ascena ELLIS. Hix Combs, Bondsman. (Wilkes County, NC Marriages, 1778-1868, Brent Holcomb, Lib: 975.682/H697m)

1850 Census, Greene Co, IN, Taylor Twp, Dwl 50, Fam 771:
William Combs, 48, Farmer, b. NC
Asenath [ELLIS] Combs, 48, b. NC
Martha [Keziah] Combs, 19 b. NC [never married]
Mary Combs, 15, b IN [m1- 19 Dec 1853, Philip MILLER, d Civil War; m2- 8 Sept 1874, Thomas DOBBINS]
Eli Combs 13, b. IN [never married]
William Combs 11, b. IN [m Matilda Isabelle "Bell" FAUCETT 20, Nov 1869, Greene Co IN]
(Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Older children of William & Asenath ELLIS Combs not shown on the above census:

Joel Ellis Combs, b. 11 Nov 1822 Wilkes Co, NC; m. Minerva FAUCETT 14 Sep 1843, Greene Co, IN. (Greene Co IN Marriage Records, Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Jabez Jones Combs, b. 7 Dec 1824 Wilkes Co, NC; m. Sarah Ann WHITAKER 5 Nov 1849 in Scotland, Greene Co., IN. (Greene Co IN Marriage Records, Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore) In 1860 moved to Christian Co., IL. In about 1865 Jabez moved to Macon, Macon Co, IL. Eldest son, Adoniron Judson Combs m. Louisa GREGORY He d. 14 Feb 1928 in Ft. Worth, TX. (Family Records, Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Adoniram P. Combs, b. 2 May 1827 Wilkes Co, NC; m 1-.5 Oct 1854 Mary Ann KENNEDY (CANADY); m. 2- Rachel ROSS 1 May 1886. (Family Records, Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Nancy L. Combs b. 27 Jul 1829 Wilkes Co, NC; d. 29 Oct 1830. (Family Records, Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

1850 Census, Greene Co, IN, Taylor Twp, Dwl 50, Fam 771:
William Combs, 48, Farmer, b. NC
Asenath Combs, 48, b. NC
Martha Combs, 15 b. IN
Eli Combs 13, b. IN
William Combs 11, b. IN 
Combs, William (I1172)
122 (Research):II. SARAH (Thomas) b. ca1803; m. 1 Jan 1822, Wilkes Co, NC to Jesse ANDERSON (Krahn); d. after 1860 pb. Monroe Co, IA.

1850 Census, Monroe Co, IA, District 13, Dwl 265:
Jesse ANDERSON, 34 [sic], b. NC [age 60 1860 census]
Sarah [Combs] Anderson, 46 b. NC [age 56 1860 census]
Westly Anderson, 22 b. NC [m Lodemia _____]
Mary Anderson, 20 b. NC
John Anderson, 18, b. NC
Irena Anderson 16, b. NC [m. Milton H. ALLEN, 5 Jan 1853, Monroe Co, IA]
Amanda Anderson, 14, b. NC [m. Joseph CHAMBERS]
Lucretia Anderson, 12, b. IN
Marten Anderson, 10, b. IN
William Anderson, 8, b. IN
(Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore) 
Combs, Sarah "Sally" (I1174)
123 (Research):III. MARY "POLLY" (Thomas) b.1807; m. 7 Dec 1824, Wilkes Co, NC John SOUTHER (son of Jesse and Joan Combs Souther according to the "Genealogy, The Original Settlers of Choestoe District, Union Co, GA The Families of Souther 1832" compiled by Watson, B. Dyer, hereinafter Choestoe); d. 1 May 1894, Union Co, GA (per "Lives and Letters of the Combs Family"1985, Ann Combs Krahn, private printing, LOC 85-71347).

7 Dec 1824 Marriage date: Polley Combs & John SOUTHER. Jessse ANDERSON, Bondsman. (Wilkes County, NC Marriages, 1778-1868, Brent Holcomb, Lib: 975.682/H697m)

1850 Census, Union Co, GA, pages 680/81:
John SOUTHER, 47, b. NC
Mary SOUTHER, 43, b. NC
John SOUTHER, 22 b. NC [m. Nancy COLLINS 6 Feb 1852]
Martha [Jane] SOUTHER, 20, b. NC [m. Joseph THOMAS]
Elizabeth [Betsy] SOUTHER, 17, b. NC [m. 1 William NIX; m2. Unknown; m3 John Q. BANKSTEN]
[Jessse] Washington SOUTHER, 14, b. NC [m. 1- Sarah COLLINS; m. 2- Nancy SULLIVAN]
Washington SOUTHER, 14, b. NC
William [Joseph] SOUTHER, 8, b. NC
Nancy SOUTHER, 5, b. NC
Sarah [Rosanna] SOUTHER, 3, b. NC [m. W. Dallas COLLINS 1 Jan 1868]
Mary [Delilah] SOUTHER, 1, b. NC [m. Jesse W. SOUTHER 11 Aug 1868]
Adnarum SPIVA [a.k.a. SPIVEY], 23, b. GA [m. dau Evaline SOUTHER]
Evaline [SOUTHER] Spiva, 24, b. NC

Already deceased prior to the 1850 Census was daughter, Keziah "Kizzy" SOUTHER, b. 21 Nov 1831 NC, d. 16 May 1845 Union Co, GA; omitted from the census was son, Alfred Hicks SOUTHER, b. Jun 1839 GA, d. 11 Jun 1929 GA; and born after 1850 was daughter, Rhoda Lucinda SOUTHER, b. 21 Aug 1853, m. 9 Jan 1872 John F. E. VANDIVER (Krahn & Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Another unsolved Combs' mystery is the identity of Jane (a.k.a. Jean & Joan) Combs, wife of Jesse SOUTHER, and mother of John SOUTHER who married Mary Combs. Their Wilkes Co, NC marriage record shows:

"Jesey SOUTHER m. Jain Combs 1 Apr 1800...bondsman, Joshua SOUTHER." (Holcomb)

Jain (a.k.a. Joan) Combs' ancestry remains unidentified although "it is said" that she was the daughter of William and Hannah TOMSSON/TOUSSON Combs who m 8 Dec 1780 in Wilkes Co, NC. 
Combs, Mary "Polly" (I583)
124 (Research):In 1799 William Moore, an Irishman from Maryland, with a large family, settled at the place known as Mooretown. His descendants still own the farm. A grand daughter, Mrs. John Harned [Phoebe, daughter of Joseph Moore], remained there. The Huffman, Harned, Post, Bonham, Wolfe, Johnson and Santee families came soon after 1800, and nearly all homes then formed are still retained in the families of descendants.

See George Gregory research notes for source.

12 June 1798: Samuel MOORE, merchant, died at Hanover on Thursday the 7th inst., aged 34th year. He has left a young family.
10 July 1798: Notice - The partnership of Andrew LEE and Samuel MOORE, trading under the firm of LEE & MOORE, is being dissolved by the death of the latter - request all payments made. Thomas MOORE
3 Jan. 1803: John MOORE, Pittstown and Wm. MOORE, Pittstown, had letters at the post office.
7 April 1804: Wm. MOORE, Huntington, had a letter at the post office.
1809, 1811, and 1812 William Moore had letters at the post office.
1809 Robert Moore had a letter at the post office.
11 Dec. 1812: Coshecton & Great Bend Turnpike - Stockholders are given notice that an election will be held on Jan. 4th at the house of Silvanus HATCH, Great Bend for the purpose of choosing the requisite officers to conduct business of the company for one year. Solomon MOORE, Secretary.
12 Feb. 1808: Pennsylvania Legislature Extracts - Petitions of inhabitants of Burlington Twp., Lycoming Co. and of the north part of the counties of Lycoming and Luzerne, praying that a new county may be erected by law, to be called Hiram.
Notice to Executors and Administrators ? Whereas Letters of Testamentary and Letters of Administration have heretofore issued to the several persons hereafter named, and they having neglected to settle their respective accounts, within the time limited and appointed by law for that purpose. Now Notice is given to the said Executors and Administrators, that unless their said several accounts are filed with the Register for settlement, on or before the fourth day of April next, application will be made to the Orphan?s Court to compel a settlement of the same.
Mary HAGER and Samuel MOORE, adm?rs of John HAGER

22 May 1807
Also "one undivided moiety of the following five tracts) situated on Lackawanna, held by warrants dated 1 July 1784:
Sarah DELANY, 400
Andrew HENDERSON, 499+
James MOORE, 419
Wiliam HENDERSON, 425
James DENNY, 402

16 July 1803: Miss Hannah, daughter of Daniel MOORE, of Athens, died about midnight of June 23rd, aged about 11 years

The family story says the two boys ran away from school to join Washington's Army at Valley Forge and thereafter served continuously until the end of the war. During his army service, William captured the bayonet of a Hessian which bayonet was for many years in the possession of his grandson Charles P. Harned of Townline, Luzerne Co, PA. I have not located who now has the bayonet but it was in Charles P. Harned's grandson Thomas E. Harned's possession but he died in 1987 and it possibly is in the hands of one of his two daughters. William served in the Rev. War as members of "Capt. Joseph Gardner's Company in the 2nd Battalion [of a Regiment] which was commanded by Col. Evan Evans.

"In Valley Forge Muster Rolls there are quite a few William Moores including Will Moore of Maryland Private 2nd MD Regiment, ID #MD18363. No John from MD listed. See Muster Roll Data Sheet in file."

"Company 5 (East Nottingham Company), Captain Joseph Gardner of the Second Battaliion of Chester County Militia, Col. Evan Evans. Is this where William served?"

Notes from Linda Moss:
William and Dorcas migrated from Maryland (after losing the farm). First stayed with relatives the area of Mt. Bethel Township, Northamption, PA where there was a Sotch-Irish settlement; and from there to McKendree, Union Twp, Luzerne, PA, 1799. 
Moore, William (I3152)
125 (Research):in 1880 and 1910, a Jane Rich appears to be born in 1845. Is this the same woman?

Williams, b
Bibb, b
Mann, w
1) Jane Rich, widowed white female age 35, house keeping, born in GA, parents born in GA
Steaninger, b
Wright, w

Rich, Martha "Jane" (I68)
126 (Research):Inventory & Appraisements, Emanuel County, Pg. 118-121
On account of sale of the final property of John Scott deceased sold
public notary on this Seventeenth day of March One Thousand Eight
Hundred and Thirty Six. ....[List of items sold is given.] Britton Scott
and Mary Scott made many purchases. Other buyers were D.E. RICH, John
Hampton, Wilson Drew, Milly Stroud, White R. Smith, John R. Daniel,
Joseph Tipton, F. O. Black, Rufus Knight, Robert Higdon. ...Amount of
sale of the Estate of John Scott deceased $277.87. 
Rich, Daniel Elliott (I4004)
127 (Research):IV. NANCY (Thomas) b. 1808; m. 3 Mar 1829, Wilkes Co, NC to Jabez HENDREN (son of William and Charlotte ELLIS Hendren) brother of Jehu HENDREN); d. 2 Aug 1888 in or near Wilkes Co, NC. Will of Jabez HENDREN filed September 1888, (Will Book 6, Page 328, Wilkes Co, NC).

3 Mar 1829 Marriage date: Nancy Combs & Jabez HENDREN. Wm. HENDREN, Bondsman (Wilkes County, NC Marriages, 1778-1868, Brent Holcomb, Lib: 975.682/H697m)

1850 Census, Wilkes Co, NC, Dwelling 1872:
Jabez HENDREN, 46, b. NC
Nancy [Combs] Hendren, 41, b. NC [m ? POOLE]
Rebeccah Hendren, 20, b. NC
Hicks Hendren, 18, b. NC
Charlotte Hendren, 16, b. NC
Edward Hendren, 14, b. NC (m. 1- Mary QUEEN 14 Mar 1861; m2- Dora ROBINSON 25 Jul 1906)
Jabez Hendren, 9, b. NC
(Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Born after the 1850 census was dau Thena Kezea HENDREN bc 1853, Wilkes Co, NC, m. Charles TEVEPAUGH (Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore) 
Combs, Nancy (I1175)
128 (Research):IX. ELIAS (Thomas) b. 11 Jul 1826-30, Wilkes Co, NC; m. 27 Jan 1853, Hancock Co, IN (Marriage Records, Hancock Co, IN Book 3, Page 139) to Margaret R. WATSON; d. 12 Jan 1871, age 44y 6m 1d), at Monroe Co, Iowa; he was buried Selection/Hayes Cemetery, Monroe Twp, Monroe Co, Iowa. Elias' estate was appraised 28 Dec 1872. On January 12, 1871, a list of his heirs was noted.

1860 Census, Monroe Co, IA, Monroe Twp:
Elias Combs, 30, Farmer, b. NC
Margaret Combs, 22, b. IN
Elizabeth K[iziah] Combs, 6, b. IN [m. Samuel K. SMITH, 19 Oct 1873, Monroe Co, IA]
Sarah J[ane] Combs, 4, b. IA [b. 13 Dec 1856, d. 3 Oct 1861 Monroe Co, IA]
George W[ashington] Combs, 1, b. IA [b. 7 May 1858, Monroe Co, IA; m. Ida Adaline HENION 28 Apr 1880, Monroe Co, IA; d. 15 Oct 1927, Monroe Co, IA]
Hesakiah [Kesiah HAYS] Combs, 76, NC
(Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Born to Elias & Margaret R. WATSON Combs after 1860 were:

Isaac Newton Combs, b. 10 Jul 1862, m. 1- Cora LOWER 7 Apr 1892; m. 2- Laura May RICHIE 29 Jun 1909 Monroe Co, IA; d. 18 Jul 1918 Denver, CO; bur. Monroe Co, IA.

Eliza Hannah Combs, bc 1865, Monroe Co, IA; d. 13 Jan 1871 of scarlet fever.

Cinthia (Cynthia) Ann Combs, bc 1868; d. 10 Feb 1890

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

The following is from a biography of Elias Combs, the son of Thomas Hicks and Keziah HAYS Combs. Mrs. Elizabeth (Combs) Smith was Elias' daughter. The Biography was recorded in November 1919 by Charles E. Combs, copy in the possession of Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, in part as follows:

"This Biography of Elias Combs and ancestors, was prepared by Charles E. Combs. Mrs. Elizabeth Kiziah (Combs) Smith, gave me the information to prepare this sketch when visiting in her home, Albia, Iowa."

Charles E. Combs
November 1919
Elias Combs
Brother of William Combs and youngest son of Hicks and Kiziah (Hays) Combs. Born in Wilkes Co., N.C. July 11 1830 (?) Emigrated to Hancock Co, Ind. Married to Margret Watson in Hancock Co. Ind. - moved to near Albia, Monroe Co, Ia, 1855 on a farm about 3 mi. south of Albia where he died at the age of 44 of Pneumonia fever and buried in Hays Cemetery 4 mi. south of Albia.

His mother came with him to Iowa. Her maiden name was Hays. She died at her sons' Elias at age 84 surviving her son and buried with her son in Hays Cemetery, graves marked by monuments. [NTT: Hers no longer legible]

Elias Combs had 6 children, eldest Elizabeth Kiziah (Combs) Smith age 66, now residing in Albia, her husband S. K. Smith age 69, a barber. They have one daughter, a widow with 2 children her husband lost his life in Railroad accident. Grandparents have the daughters' 2 sons.

Sarah Jane Combs died at age 4

George Combs, 60, living in Albia, has a family of 9 children.

Isaac N. Combs died at age about 56 leaving widow and 2 children who live in Albia.

Eliza Hannah Combs died of scarlet fever age 6.

Cyntha Ann Combs died at age 22, single.

After death of Elias Combs his widow re - - - - to married Asa Biggs. To them born one son Henry who resides in Cal.

On death of Marget Combs (Biggs) her husband moved to Cal.

On death of Elias Combs he left real estate 230 acres located 3 miles south of Albia.

His son George bought the heirs int in part of the land, the home place, and sold it about 10 (?) years ago; the farm ---- worth about $175 an acre.

Elias Combs held a Comm as Captain of State Militia, State of Iowa. Comm dated 1864, signed by Gov. Stone.

Also belonged to Presbyterian Church, great church pillar, given to vocal music. Choir leader.

Sarah Combs, sister of Elias Combs, married Jesses Anderson, came to Iowa, from Hancock Co. Her son Martin Anderson, lives in Sheridan Iowa, county seat of Lucas Co. He is very wealthy, has two sons and a daughter, one son a lawyer, the other RR engineer CB and Q.

Mary Combs, another sister, married (Souther) moved from N.C. to Union Co. Georgia.

Jane, another sister, married Wm. McCray, moved to Kans.

Belle L. (Smith) Mellick her husband's sister married Geo. Elliot Bedford, Ind.

Kiziah (Hays) Combs mother of Elias Combs, had a sister who had two sons out of wedlock, namely Richmond Hays and Hilliah Hays. She married man by name of Dinwoody [Dinwiddie] they emigrated to Iowa with the two Hays boys who retained their mothers maiden name and settled 4 mi. South of Albia. They preceded the Combs family to Iowa a few years, hence they influenced the combs to------[Rest lost.] (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore

After Thomas Hicks Combs' death, part of the family moved to Monroe Co, Iowa, no later than Aug 1855; the land in Hancock Co, Indiana sold in Apr 1855. Keziah HAYS Combs resided with her son Elias until his death in 1871. 
Combs, Elias (I1171)
129 (Research):Jack Gray Rich was born November 26, 1935 in Bainbridge, a small rural town in southwest Georgia. The fourth and youngest child of Robert Lloyd and Cecil Harrell Rich, Jack was named after a dear family friend of his parents, Mr. Jack Gray. Jack's family lived at 446 East Shotwell Street and their phone number was 379. As a child Jack loved to play with his dog "Pug," a mixed-breed black and white dog who lived for fourteen years. Jack fondly referred to him as a Heinz 57 dog and as a "sooner," saying that "he'd sooner go here than there." The family loved Pug dearly. Even his mother, Cecil, was reported by the Bainbridge Post-Searchlight as saying, "My son Jack has a 10-year-old dog named Pug. Every morning Pug stands on his hind legs and scratches at the door until he is let in. Then Pug drinks his customary morning coffee from a regular coffee cup and goes back into the yard, his tail wagging."

Jack was the school mascot during his older brother's senior year of high school. He was also known to be quite the prankster in his early years. One time his older sister Olive was gettting ready for a date. She made a big show about drawing herself a nice hot bath and collecting all her primping supplies for the occasion. Just before she got ready to step into her bath, Jack jumped in front of her and plunged into the tub, fully clothed! He continued to splash around enjoying the bath she had so eagerly awaited. When Olive and her date left for the evening, Jack also managed to stow away in the back seat of her car. As her date leaned over and gave Olive a kiss, Jack gleefully popped up from behind them, shouting, "I'm going to tell mama you were KISSING that boy!"

Jack himself attended Bainbridge High School from Fall 1949 to Spring of 1953. During these years he played football as both a guard and a linebacker. He bought his first car, a red and white 1931 Chevy cut down, for $50. Already showing a bit of business prowess, he drove it for a couple of years and sold it for $75.

After graduation, Jack attended the University of Georgia in Athens. His freshman year he pledged Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and later that year he was initiated. Through the fraternity he met some friends who became lifetime buddies. Among these were C.L. Straughan and Red Murphy. Also during his first two years of college, Jack joined the airforce ROTC, a requirement of the University. During his summers, Jack spent time working in the parts department at his father's car dealership, R. L. Rich Chevrolet, located at the corner of Clay and Planter streets. In his spare time, he enjoyed hunting and fishing on the nearby family farm.

Jack graduated college in Spring, 1957 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. In that same year, his parents moved to a house just south of town at 1400 Tallahassee Highway. Following graduation, he joined the Army Georgia National Guard. He trained at Fort Knox, Kentucky and there he served six months in active duty and five years inactive duty in the Army reserve. His rank was Staff Sergeant and he trained in M-48 tanks.

Following his stint in the army, Jack attended Chevrolet Dealer School in Detroit, Michigan, and then came back home to Bainbridge to work in sales at R. L. Rich Chevrolet, the family dealership owned by his father. In addition to working in sales, Jack served as Secretary/ Treasurer for R. L. Rich Chevrolet. Although he only actively worked at the dealership for a short time, he continued to serve as Secretary/Treasurer for many years until the time the dealership was sold in 1985. Since his older brother, Lloyd Jr., had already been groomed to eventually take over the dealership, Jack decided to leave the dealership after two years and try his luck as a stock broker. To that end, he left for New York City in 1961, where he trained with E. F. Hutton & Company for several months. After he passed his NYSE test, he moved to E. F. Hutton's Atlanta office in April of 1962. He worked there until 1968, most of the time living in an apartment at 430 Lindburg Drive, NE, near Buckhead.

During his stint in Atlanta, he met Rebecca Gail Gilreath Barefield, who was teaching elementary school in Decatur at the time. They were married in Decatur, Georgia on October 5, 1966 and honeymooned at Nassau. After their wedding they moved to an apartment on 1610 Line Street in Decatur, Georgia. On October 14, 1967, their first child, Frances Gail Rich was born. They named her Frances after Jack's oldest sister and Gail after her maternal grandmother, but decided to call her Gail. Shortly after Gail was born, Jack and Becky moved to Tallahassee, Florida so that he could manage a start-up office for Goodbody & Company.

They lived for a while in Chateau du Ville apartments at 2020 Continental Avenue, and during that time, their second child, Charlotte Ellen Rich was born. As the apartment was feeling cramped by then, Jack decided to build a house on the north side of Tallahassee on Lake Jackson. They moved in to the new house, located at 825-A Lake Ridge Drive, in 1971. A one story brick ranch-style house, it sits on top of a hill on three and a half acres with a beautiful panoramic view of the lake at the bottom of the hill. They have lived in this house now for over 30 years.

As the kids were growing up, Jack explored many business opportunities. Although he started his career in Tallahassee as a stock broker, he quickly realized that he enjoyed working for himself the best. He was one of the founders of Securtity Federal on John Knox Road. When Becky started making and selling artistic stitchery kits, Jack joined her in helping run the business end of things from 1975 through 1978. He also bought speculative residential lots and then built homes on about 15 of them to help get a final sale and increase his profits. He even built the first home his daughter, Charlotte, and her husband lived in. At various times he served on the boards of several financial institutions, including the Tallahasse Community Board of Capital City Bank and the Boards of Security Federal in Tallahassee and First Federal of Gadsden County.

Jack's political views have always been conservative and he votes with the Republican ticket. He is also conservative financially and has always stayed out of debt as much as possible. He has also been involved in several community affairs. He and Becky joined a club called Springtime Tallahassee, where they helped decorate a float for the annual parade and even rode on the float dressed in period costumes.

Jack has been an outdoor enthusiast all his life. Jack spent a lot of time fishing on the lake and hunting in the woods of southwest Georgia near where he grew up. When the kids were young, Jack bought a boat and they all learned to water ski. Later, he developed a love of snow skiing in the Rockies, and when the Colorado housing market went into a slump, Jack bought a condominium in the small town of Rifle, near Glenwood Springs. There he and Becky have skied many years. He also hunts deer and elk in the Rockies during hunting season. Wanting his kids to discover the beauty of the western mountains for themselves, he took his family on two cross-county trips. They enjoyed camping, hiking, and sight-seeing as they visited most of the national parks out west.

When Gail and Charlotte were teenagers, Jack took the whole family on a month-long trip out west by car. They packed camping gear and stopped at various National Parks and spent a few days at each one. They drove from Tallahassee all the way across Texas and into New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and to California.

A story told by June Rapp Bitzer on 29 Jan 2006"
"Here is a picture taken of Lois, me and Jewel in January 1939 in Orlando
taken by the Orlando newspaper and an article about our visit was
published along with the picture. We were staying with Gennivee and

In my baby photograph book are pictures taken in snow as we left New
Jersey, followed by pictures taken in warm Orlando. However, before
stopping in Florida, we trained to Bainbridge and spent the coldest time
in my memory. Wherever we stayed, there was no central heat, only
fireplaces. I was hot in front and freezing in back. I well remember
getting into a very cold bed. Although I was only five, the memory lingers.

The reason for all this is a story about your father. Since he is
younger, he probably does not remember and certainly I do not remember
much. Jack must have been the only one present close to my age because
I only can place him there. He created a new word that remained with
the three of us forever - "zerections!" He must have been building
something, I do not know what, but everyone wanted to help him. NO, he
would do it himself but needed the "zerections." If he said the word
once, he said it a hundred times and each time it brought laughter.
From that day, directions became "zerections" whenever the three of us
were in each other's company and always brought a smile and a memory." 
Rich, Jack Gray (I320)
130 (Research):Jacob does not appear on the earlier 1769 Rowan County Tax List with Isaac Purlear and John Purlear, which indicates that he was under 16 years of age at the time, since there is no pole listed for him. Another reason would be that he is not living here at the time. I believe that it is because he is under 16 at the time.

Rowan County Tax List of 1770 - Abbotts Creek
"Jacob Perlaire and Isaac Perlaire listed in same household"

Rowan County Tax List of 1773
"Ann Purlear for her son Jacob Purlear"

Rowan County Tax List of 1778
"Jacob Perlee - 134 acres"

Rowan County Vacant Land Entries - #2321 - 2 Oct 1779
"Jacob Perlee 200 acres in forks of Abbotts Creek adjoining Obediah Ledford and Arehart Simmerman including his own improvements."

Davidson County 1783 Tax List [Gail's note: Davidson not formed until 1822 from Rowan]
"Jacob Purlee - 200 acres - 2 horses - 5 cattle"

18 May 1789
State of North Carolina - Grant #1933
"Know ye that we have granted unto Jacob Perlee one hundred acres in Rowan County on the waters of Rich Fork beginning at a stake on the South West cornerof Jones lot than North seven chains to a post oak then West to a black oak on Ledford line then South thirty seven chains to a post oak than East thirty chains and sixty links to a post oak then North thirty chains to the said Jones line then West with said line to the beginning. To hold to the said Jacob Perlee his heirs and assigning forever.
Sam Johnston

May 11 1791 - Iredell County Court - An Inventory of the goods and chattels of Jacob Parlear (Deceased)

3 - Head of Horses
7 - Head of Cattle
15 - Head of Hogs
10 - Head of Sheep
1 - Rifle Gun
Set of Wood-Working Tools
Set of Cards
4 - Plows
1 - Matick

13 August 1791 - "The Widow Perlere bought at the Vandue (Sale of Estate)

Plow and Tacking
1 - Mattock
1 - Axe
1 - Grindstone
1 - Draw Knife
1 - Wedge
1 - Auger
1 - Hammer
1 - Curry Comb
Dresser and Furniture
1 - Chest
2 - Beds
1 - Wheel
1 - Rifle Gun
1 - Hackles
1 - Set of Spools
1 - Mare
1 - Colt
5 - Cattle
13 - Hogs
4 - Sheep
2 - Pots

"James Patterson bought at the vandue"
3 - Chisels
1 - Bar of Lead

"Solomon Kelley bought at the vandue"
1 - Cutting Knife
1 - Augur

"John Smith bought at the vandue"
1 - Box

"William Buttram bought at the vandue"
2 - Sheep

"Cornelius Buttram bought at the vandue"
1 - Cow
1 - Calf

"Margaret Perlere bought at the vandue"
1 - Cow
1 - Wheel

Rowan County Deed Book #16 - Page #731
27 January 1798
"John P. Parlier, son of Isaac Purlier; John O. Purlier, son of Jacob Purlier; and Rachel Purlier, daughter of William Purlier; all of Wilkes County NC, as heirs of Jacob and William Purlier, to Hugh Yokely of Rowan for 75 pounds, 100 acres on Rich Fork of Abbotts Creek adjoining Thomas Jones and Obadiah Ledford. Being a grant to Jacob Purlier on May 18 1789."
Jacob Buttrum
Joseph Sutlive

20 May 1800 - Iredell County Court
"Edward Griffith, John Smith, John Stevenson, James Scott and Joseph Sharpe serve as commissioners to make partition of the lands of Jacob Pulier among his heirs to witness, John Pulier, Jonathan Pulier and Jacob Pulier.

November Session 1801 - Iredell County - North Carolina
"Ordered by the court of the afore said county that Joseph Sharpe, Edward Griffith, James Scott, James Patterson and John Smith be a jury to lay off an equal share of fifty acres of land agreeable to each of the heirs of Rachel Perlier adjoining land of William Kennedy, Joseph Ray and James Scott and report the same to the next court. William Mc ? is ordered to survey and attend said jury."

27 January 1802
"We the jurors have met according to the order of the court and have made division in the land of the deceased Perlear agreeable to the order of the court.
James Scott
John Smith
Edward Griffin
Joseph Sharpe
James Patterson

If the land in question is the 200 tract of land listed in the 1783 Davidson Tax List, then it appears that Rachel left 4 heirs or children with each recieving a equal share of 50 acres of land. 
Parlier, Jacob (I4403)
131 (Research):James W. Powell's Will was dated Dec 29, 1865. He devised to his wife, Sophia, Lot of Land #126 in 11th District, Terrell County, containing 202 1/2 acres, with all the rights, numbers and appurtenances to said lot of land any wise belonging, free from all charges and limitation whatever to her own proper use, benefit and behoof, forever, with full power to dispose of the same by will or otherwise as she may deem proper. I also give and bequeath to my beloved wife, in the same unreserved manner, the farming utensils used on and belonging to the farm on said lot of land, and one horse mule, dark color, one bay horse colt, two cows and calves, one yellow heifer two years old, and all the hogs belonging to the said farm, all my household and kitchen furniture and my buggy, all without limitation or reserve; also all my sheep, eleven head in number; also my goats, seven head in number, all without limitation or reserve.

I give and bequeath and devise to my son-in-law, T. B. Brown, husband of my daughter, Queen Brown, certain promissory notes which I have now in possession against the said T. B. Brown. Also on note the claim that Dr. Cheatham holds and myself as security.

I give and bequeath to my daughter, Sophia Ann M. Trewitt, wife of Ira W. Trewitt, Lot of land 129 in the 11th District of said Terrell County, or whatever the land will bring at administrator's sale on the first Tuesday in february next; also one cow and yearling.

I give and bequeath to my daughter, Nancy J. Powell, Lot of land 130 in 11th District of said Terrell County, contraining 202 1/2 acres, more or less.

I give and bequeath to my daughter-in-law, Louise Powell, widow of my son, James J. Powell, Lot of Land 98 in the 11th District of said Terrell County, containing 202 1/2 acres, more or less, on the proceeds of said lot when sold at administrator's sale; also one bay filly three years old.

I give and bequeath to my daughter, Milard Ardella Lot ot land 127 in the 11th District of Terrell County containing 202 1/2 acres, more or less.

I give and bequeath to my son, Thomas W. Powell, Lot of land 124 in the 11th District of Terrell County, containing 202 1/2 acres, more or less; also one pided horse colt.

I give and bequeath to my daughter Susan M. Powell, lot of land 125 in the 11th District of said Terrell County, containing 202 1/2 acres, more or less.

I hereby constitute and appoint my beloved wife, Sophia Powell and Uriah M. Powell my Executrix and executor of this my last will and testament.

Signed: J. W. Powell [L.S.]

Signbed, sealed and delivered and published by J. W. Powell as his last will and testament, in the presence of us the undersigned, who subscribed our names hereto, in the presence of said testator, at his special instance and request, and in the presence of each other, this 29th day of december 1865.
recorded 25th February 1880.
David C. Sears L.E.C. Faircloth Ira Trewitt

Petition of Sophia A. Powell and Uriah M. Powell, Ex. signed 31 October 1879.
(I believe that James W. Powell was administering the estate of his grandfather, Douglas McDougle.

Book B pg 75 - Between James W. Powell, Admix. of the estate of Douglas McDougle of one part and James E. Lee and Daniel Ford of the other part, notice of application given J. W. Powell, Administrator. on second Monday in April past, to sell 100 acres belonging to deceased in District 11 of Randolph Co., now the 12th District of Terrell Co., said 100 acres taken of N side of lot #162 for $206, Lee and Ford being highest bidders. Signed:
James W. Powell, Administrator. of Douglas Mc Dougle, deceased. Wit: W. I. Stevens, Samuel Penton, JIC. Recorded 9 Aug 1860. J. L. Weston, Clerk. 
Powell, James W. (I5168)
132 (Research):Jan. 28 1776
William Perly married Elizabeth Bouttram
"They were married by Luthern minister Johann Gottfried Arends at Ebellscriik (Beck's Luthern Church) near Lexington NC. He does not appear on the 1769 - 1773 Tax List of Rowan County, so we know he was under 16 years of age in 1773 and assuming that he was at least 16 years of age when this marriage took place, then I figure that he was born between 1758 and 1760. We will use the date of 1759 as his birth until proof is made available.

1778 Rowan County Tax List
"William Perlee is listed as a pole (taxable person over the age of 16, but not owning any land.

October 2 1778 - Rowan County NC Land Entries - #1621
"William Purlee 100 acres on a branch of Rich Fork of Abbotts Creek adjoining Obediah Ledford and Earhart Simmerman, including his own improvement." The phrase including his own improvement indicates that he had occupied the above property for at least 7 years prior to 1778. The Land Office of North Carolina was closed for many years prior to 1778 so a lot of people simply homesteaded a piece of property and when the Land Office reopened in 1778, they rushed to enter their lands legally. If we go back 7 years then we know William was living on the piece of property as early as 1771. He would have been about 12 years of age at this time which indicates that this is the same property that his father John Parleir had occupied along with wife Ann, and sons Isaac and Jacob. John Parlier had died circa 1771 and since Isaac and Jacob were out on their own by 1778, he was left to claim the land. I feel like Ann continued to live there with William after he married Elizabeth."

December 2 1778 - Rowan County NC Land Entries - #2643 (replaces Land Entry #1621 )
"For and in consideration of the sum of Twenty-Five pounds, assigned over to Jacob Perlee all my right to the within mentioned warrant as witnessed my hand the 21st day of February 1786."
Witness: Henry Lewis Elizabeth Perlee

The date entered was 12/2/1778 but the issue date was not until May 11, 1789. William evidently died between October 2 1778 (when he entered the land orifinally) and December 2 1778 (when it comes into the possession of Jacob Perlee). The delay in offically entering the transaction was because they had to wait until the estate was settled. The above assignment was just a hand written note on the back of the original land entry of the property to William Perlee.

October 20 1789
"Let administration on the Estate of William Purleer deceased, issue to Isaac Purleer, who qualified and gave bond with William Baltrm Security in 150 Pounds.

February 4 1790
"Account of sales of estate of William Purleer filed." 
Parlier, William (I4488)
133 (Research):Jas Nichols, 30-40 living near William in 1840 census

Mary A. Nichols married Henry Miller, Jr. 7 Nov 1835 in Wilkes County, NC

Groom: John Ledford 1824
Bride: Amy Nickles 1822
Bond Date: 28 Mar 1844
Bond #: 000077559
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 005866
County: Macon
Record #: 01 007
Bondsman: William Ledford
Witness: J. K. Gray

Groom: James Angel
Bride: Elenor Nickles
Bond Date: 26 Feb 1842
Bond #: 000076917
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 005866
County: Macon
Record #: 01 001
Bondsman: Wm. B. Morgan
Witness: J. K. Gray

Groom: John B Hyde
Bride: Jann Nickles
Bond Date: 06 Jan 1848
Bond #: 000077524
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 005866
County: Macon
Record #: 01 006
Bondsman: Wm. B. Garrett
Witness: J. K. Gray

Groom: Robert Bradshaw 1820
Bride: Margarete Nickles 1827
Bond Date: 07 Aug 1843
Bond #: 000076946
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 005866
County: Macon
Record #: 01 002
Bondsman: John Shular, Sr
Witness: J. K. Gray

Groom: Charles Jenkins
Bride: Mary Nickles
Bond Date: 18 May 1850
Bond #: 000077536
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 005866
County: Macon
Record #: 01 006
Bondsman: Michael Jenkins
Witness: J. K. Gray

Groom: Jacob Waldroop
Bride: Mary Nickles
Bond Date: 07 Nov 1846
Bond #: 000078151
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 005866
County: Macon
Record #: 01 012
Bondsman: Farris Horton
Witness: J. K. Gray

Groom: Wesly M Nickles
Bride: Susannah Nickles
Bond Date: 29 Jan 1848
Bond #: 000077824
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 005866
County: Macon
Record #: 01 009
Bondsman: Francis Harten
Witness: J. K. Gray
Nichols, William (I326)
134 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Rich, Jessica Diane (I376)
135 (Research):jjsouther: jjsouther@aol.com

Palatine emigration

This name was originally Sower.
The Germanna Foundation News, 280th Anniversary Edition - Spring 1994 shows a list of Germanna Settlers 1714, 1717 & Later shows:
Henry Souther 1717

potential spelling for souther in german: Schluchter Schlucter Sluter Slucter Sluchter Sluder Sauder/Sauter

Hebron Church

Henry Souther appears in Orange County, Virginia records in 1736, two deeds recorded there.
Also listed in Northern Neck Grants 1730-1754 page 46. Listed as Henry Shiter in Orange County Road orders 1734-1749 page 16, 26,
28 listed as Henry Sluter as overseer of road 1736 and Henry Shlucter 1737 as overseer of road of the German Ridge to Burke River.

Henry was born in 1712, but no Germanna colonies were settled prior 1714...some Germans were already there but not as a settlement...Switzerland sent people over in 1701 to loook at the area

Henry Souther, no warrant, date from survey 28 Mar 1748 ? 12 Aug 1748; 324 a. in fork of Rapidan in Orange; adj.William McDonnach. CC: Daniel Crisler and Steven Hansburger. Surv. George Hume. [Probably the name Souther was derived from the German Sauder. I cannot place Daniel Crisler.]

Germanna Record No. 6, page 92, August 7, 1750 - granted 324 acres in Culpeper Co., Va at the Rappidan River fork (or Robinson River) taken from Northern Neck Grants, G, p. 406, red 292, issued by Fairfax Proprietary bet. 1690-1781 and Commonwealth bet. 1786-1874
Note: which says "Henry Souther was granted 326 acres in the Robinson River section in 1750 and the Rental of 1764 shows Henry with this land and a Stephen Souther with 150 acres. The Southers intermarried with the 1717 families.
Served in Dunmore War
County: Fincastle County.
Note Company commander: Capt. William Herbert.
Note Recorded on: p. 266.
Note Listed in index: p. xiv.
Other Format Available on microfilm (Miscellaneous Reel 78, last item).
Photostat copy also available.
Biog./Hist. Note Dunmore' War was a conflict between the Colony of Virginia and the Native Americans of the Ohio Valley. Following increased raids and attacks on frontiersmen in this region, the Royal Governor of Virginia, Lord Dunmore, organized a large force of militia and marched to Fort Pitt arriving at the end of August 1774. Dunmore also ordered Colonel Andrew Lewis, commander of the southwestern Virginia militia, to raise an army in the south and meet Dunmore's force along the Ohio River. Lewis formed militia companies from Augusta, Bedford, Botetourt, Culpeper, Dunmore, Fincastle, and Kentucky counties. After Colonel Lewis' victory at the Battle of Point Pleasant, Dunmore successfully negotiated a peace treaty with the Delaware, Mingo, and Shawnee chiefs that prevented them from settling or hunting south of the Ohio River.
Related Work Part of the index to the names of Virginia citizens or soldiers from the counties of Augusta, Bedford, Botetourt, Culpeper, and Fincastle who were compensated in 1775 for supplies and service during Dunmore's Expedition in 1774. This index covers individuals from the counties of Augusta, Bedford, Botetourt, and Fincastle only. These records are now part of the Virginia Colonial Government records group (RG#1) and are housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.

Listed in the 1764 VA Rent rolls from website:www.melungeons.com/early_va/ 1764_culpepr_county_rent_rolls.htm

DEATH: Will probated May 17, 1784, Culpepper Co. Virginia.
128,53: Will of Henry Souther of Bromfield Parish, Culpeper Co.
Dated 2 Sept 1783. Proven 17 May 1784.
Legatees: Sons: Stephen Souther, Michael Souther, Jacob Souther.
Daus: Barbary Hufman, Catharine Cannada.
Executor: Son Michael Souther.
Wit.: Henry Wayland, Henry (X) Cristler, Joseph Cristler.
Inventory and Appraisal of Estate of Henry Souther, dec'd.
Recorded 21 June 1784.
Made by Henry Crisler, Michael Gaar, George Crisler.
Germanna Record No. 11, page 84, says "Henry's will is dated 2 September 1783 and was probated 17 May 1784(Wulfeck Culpeper County, VA, Will Books B and C, page 53) and mentions his sons Stephen, Michael, and Jacob Souther and his daughter Barbara Huffman and Catherine Canada."

Index to Wills and Administrations: CATALOG CARD

NAME Souther, Henry.
DATE 1784
SOURCE Will Book C, 1783-1791 (Reel 32)
p. 63-64. Will pro. 17 May 1784.
p. 71. Inv. & Appr. rec. 21 June 1784.
NOTE Part of index to Culpeper County Wills and Administrations (1749 - 1800)
PLACE Culpeper County (Va.)
FORM Wills. aat.
COLLECTION Virginia wills and administrations.

Henry Souther will
In the Name of God Amen September the second day of the year of our Lord Christ one Thousand Seven and Eighty three. I Henry Souther of Culpeper County in the Parish of Bromfield being sick and weak but of perfect sence and memory Praised be God do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament. Viz: Principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God, that gave it, and my Body. I Recommend to the earth to be buried in Christian Burial at the Discretion of my Executor. Nothing Doubting but at the general resurrection. I shall recieve the same. Again, by the mighty Power of God and as Touching Such a worldly Estate wherewith I hath pleased God to bless me in this life. I give Devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. Imprimis (?) I gave unto my well beloved Daughter Barbary Hufman one Cow and Calf, Bed and furniture, pot and pewter for her and her heirs forever. Item. I gave unto Catharine Cannada one Beast, one Cow and Calf, bed and furniture, pot and pewter for her and hers forever. Item. I gave unto my son Stephen Souther one beast, one cow and calf, bedstead, furniture for him and his heirs forever. Item. I give and bequeath to my two sons, Viz, Michael Souther and Jacob Souther three hundred and twenty five acres to be laid off by a crops line. The said Michael is to have upper part and Jacob the plantation and lower part and also my still and cross cut saw and Lock Chain to be divided between the two said Michael and ye said Jacob and all the Rest of my household goods cattle, hogs, and beasts are to be my son Jacob's after my dicease and I do make and ordain my son Michael to be executor of this my Last Will and Testament and I do hereby Utterly disallow, Revoke and Disanul all and every other former testaments, wills and legacies and requests and Executors by me in anyways before. Named, willed, and bequeathed Ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my Last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this day and year above mentioned, signed, sealed,published, pronounced and declared by ye said Henry Souther as his Last will and Testament in the presence of us the subscribers.
Henry Souther
(his mark)
Witnesses: Henry Wayland
Henry Cristler (his mark)
Joseph Cristler
At a court helf for Culpeper County the 17th day of May 1784, This last will and Testament of Henry Souther deceased was exhibited to the Court by Michael Souther the Executor therein named and was proved by the oaths of Henry Wayland and Henry Christler two of the witnesses thereto is ordered to be recorded and on the motion of the said executor certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due for he having made oath thereto and with Jacob Souther his Security gave Bond according to law.
John Jamison In obedience to an order of court we the subscribers being fully sworn have this 15th day of June 1784. Met at the house of Henry
Souther, deceased and have valued and appraised his estate and made an inventory thereof as full worth. [some of the inventory is hard to read so I've listed what I could]
1 Still and furniture
1 Crosscut saw
1 Lock Chain
Parcel Chisels
Parcel of carpenter tools and cleves Irons
1 cutting knife, hoes
Joiner Mattack
reap hooks gun
parcel of pewter
1 chest and table
pots and hook
parcel casks
shoe, boots
1 bed
Henry Crisler
Michael Goran(?)
George Cristler
At a court held for Culpeper County the 21st day of June 1784. This Inventory was released into Court as ordered to be recorded.
John Jamison 
Souther, Henry Sr. (I307)
136 (Research):John E. RICH/RITCH resided at Athens, Clarke Co., GA in 1871. He J.E. Ritch was Executor of his father's will. in 1871 in Habersham County, Georgia. Charles RITCH left will naming his son J.E. RITCH of Athens, GA Executor of his will and leaving him all his personal estate of every kind and character. He stated his reason for doing so was that John E. had promised him that he would look after his mother Sarah in a comfortable and proper manner as long as she should live. This will is on file in the courthouse at Habersham County, GA. Ritch, Jeremiah E. (I5718)
137 (Research):John Nichols and Mary Yates married 12 Jul 1813 in Wilkes County, NC Nichols, John Jr. (I3326)
138 (Research):Land Grants:
Emanuel County in 1819 for 400 acres. Emanuel County Grant Book M-5, p 400.
Franklin County in 1821 for 478 acres. Emanuel County Grant Book 0-5, p. 478.

The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA:
McCLENDON, ISAAC, dec'd. To Wm. H. Crawford, Judge of Superior Courts in the Northern Circuit in Chancery presiding. Petition of William McClendon, Simpson McClendon, Burwell Aycock and Penelope Aycock his wife, formerly Penelope McClendon, dau. of Isaac McClendon, late of Wilkes Co., dec'd. William Rich, excr. of Zimri Tait, dec'd. who in his lifetime intermarried with Clarissa McLendon another dau. of said Isaac McLendon, dec'd. That said Isaac McLendon died some time in the year 181..... That Zimri Tait and wife Clarissa died some time previous, that Lewis McLendon another son of said Isaac, dec'd. died before his father, leaving children, that Francis McLendon another son of said Isaac, dec'd. obtained letters of administration on estate of said Lewis, dec'd. and that James Walker of Wilkes Co. intermarried with Dorothy McLendon another daughter of said intestate. That said James Walker soon after the death of said Isaac obtained letters of administration and took into his possession eleven slaves valued at $4000.00, land valued at $1000.00 and other property of the value of $1000.00. That the land was rented by said admr. up to the present time, the slaves and other personal property sold and that said admr. has made no returns. Isaac, dec'd. advanced property to Lewis McClendon in his lifetime, also to James Walker, Francis McLendon, Simpson McLendon, William McLendon and Zimri Tate, which advancements far exceed the advances to your orators, and that in equity the said James Walker, the children of Lewis McClendon, dec'd. and Francis McClendon are not entitled to further participation and your orators ??ray that James Walker, admr. of Isaac McLendon, dec'd. and Francis McLendon, admr. of Lewis McLendon, dec'd. be ordered to court. John Dyson, Clerk orders them to appear. Signed Jan. 13, 1830. 
Rich, William (I5371)
139 (Research):last name Donahue? Donohue, Charlie Mae (I1464)
140 (Research):Last Will and Testament of W. J. Bush
Georgia, Miller County

I, W. J. Bush, of said county being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make this my last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all others heretofore made.

Item 1. It is my will and desire that my body be buried in a Christian like manner.

Item 2. It is my desire that all my just debts be paid as soon as practicable after my death.

Item 3. I will bequeath and devise to my wife, Mrs. W. J. Bush (Dola Bush) the following real estate, to-wit: 94 acres of land, more or less located on lots of land nos. 131 and 132, in the 13th District of Miller County, Georgia and being the tract of land described in deed from Elvira Williams, recorded in Deed Book 2 page 369 all of lot of land no. 109 containing 250 acres, more or less, and the west half of lot of land no. 108 containing 125 acres more or less, all lying and being in the 13th District of Miller County, Georgia.
The tenant house and lot on which same is situated, located on the east side of the alley running north and south from the residence of Mrs. Belle Thompson to the residence of Dr. P.E. Wilkin. The house and lot referred to being located just south of the property of Mrs. Belle Thompson, and being the house and lot conveyed to me by A. J. Cowart.

Item 4. I also bequeath and devise to my wife, Mrs. W. J. Bush, any automobile which may be owned by me at the time of my death.

Item 5. I will, bequeath and devise to my daughter, Myrtle Bush Roberts, the following real estate, to-wit: The north half of lot of land no. 133 and the east half of lot of land no. 148 in the 13th District of Miller County, Georgia. Six acres off of lot of land no 132 in said district, being the six acre tract conveyed to J. S. Bush by W. E. Hunter. Forty-one acres off of lot of land no. 149 and fifty-three acres off of lot of land no. 132, in the 13th District of said county, same being fully described in deed from J. S. Bush to W. J. Bush; which is recorded in the office of the clerk of Superior court of said county in Deed Book 8 page 2. Also the west quarter of lot of land no 259 in the 13th District of Miller County, Georgia containing sixty-two and on-half acres more or less.

Item 6. I will bequeath and devise to my son, Hoke Bush the following described real estate, to-wit: One residence lot located at the corner on Main and Third Streets in the City of Colquitt, Georgia, being the lot conveyed to me by J. W. Callahan indeed recorded in Deed Book 12 page 469. 95 acres of land, more or less lying in the west side of lot of land no 95, in the 13th District of Miller County Georgia, same being all of said lot of land now owned by me. 125 acres of land, more or less, on lot of land no. 23 in the 26th District of Miller County, Georgia, being that tract described in deed from E. J. Godfrey, recorded in Deed Book 3B page 337.
41 ? acres of land lying and being on the west side of the east half of lot of land no 107; running through said lot from north to south.
The south half of lot of land no 133 in the13th District of Miller County, Georgia containing 125 acres, more or less.
Also 333 acres of land, more or less known as the Swearinger Plantation, situated and being on that portion of lots of land nos. 134 and 147 in the 13th District of said county lying north of Spring Drain.

Item 7. Should my daughter Myrtle Roberts, or my son, Hoke Bush, sell any part of the lands devised to them in Items 5 and 6 of this will before my said daughter or my son shall become fifty yrs. Of age, then and in that event the land so sold shall revert back to my estate to be held in trust for said daughter or son.

Item 8. I will, bequeath and devise to my wife, Mrs. W. J. Bush, all of the stock owned by me in the Ford Motor Company, or the Ford Motor Company of Canada.

Item 9. It is my will and desire that all of the bank stock in other corporations, owned by me at the time of my death (except the Ford Motor Company stock referred to in Item 8 of this will) and all of the cash money, bonds and ???? in action, including both notes and accounts, shall be divided equally between my wife, Mrs. W. J. Bush, and my two children Myrtle Bush Roberts and Hoke Bush.

Item 10. I will, bequeath and devise all of the remainder of my property of whatever kind and wherever situated, including mules, cattle, hogs, farm implements, farm produce, and household and kitchen furniture to my wife, Mrs. W. J. Bush.

Item 11. I hereby make my wife Mrs. W. J. Bush (Dola Bush) executrix of this will, and I release her from making any inventory of my property or appraisment, or from giving any bond, and she is required only by this will to probate this will and she is further released from making any returns of her acts and doings to any court whatever, and it is my desire that she have N. L. Stapleton of Colquitt, act as her attorney at law I having this will probated.
This 26th day of September 1927
W. J. Bush

Signed, sealed, declared and published by W. J. Bush, as his last will and testament, in the presence of the undersigned as witnesses therto being called individually and specially by W. J. Bush as witnesses to this will, he first signing the same in our presence, and we then signing as witnesses in his presence and then signing as witnesses in the presence of each other.
This 26 day of September 1927.
Signed by
J. S. Wilkin
W. C. Hays
N. L. Stapleton

Georgia, Miller County
Whereas, I, W. J. Bush did on the 26 day of Sept. 1927, sign, seal, declare and publish my last will and testament, in the presence of W. C. Hays, J. S. Wilkin and N. L. Stapleton who signed the said will and testament as witnesses, and whereas, I am desirous of adding an additional bequest and devise in said will, I there fore, make and publish this codicil to said will and testament:
1. Whereas, during the year 1927, I gave to my son Hoke Bush the sum of one thousand ($1000.00) dollars in consideration of his promise to me that he would quit smoking any tobacco in any form and whereas, it has come to my knowledge that my said son, Hoke Bush, has violate his said agreement with me, and has within my own knowledge been smoking tobacco recently.
I therefore direct that the executrix of said will, collect out of said Hoke Bush, and out of the property devised to him by me the sum of one thousand dollars with interest thereon from the first day of January, 1928, at the rate of eight percent per annum, said amount to be deducted from any bequest made by me in said will, to said Hoke Bush, and said executrix is further directed to pay said sum when so collected to my wife, Dola Bush and my daughter, Myrtle Bush Roberts, share and share alike.
This 21st day of March, 1928

Signed W. J. Bush

Signed, sealed, declared and published by W. J. Bush as a codicil to his last will and testament, in the presence of us, the undersigned who subscribe our names hereto in the presence of said testator, after he had signed his name thereto, and at his special instance and request, and in the presence of each other.
This 21st day of March 1928.

W. C. Hays
J. S. Wilkin
N. L. Stapleton 
Bush, William Jefferson (I543)
141 (Research):Letter dated 10 Sep 19?? to Miss Gail Bumgarner, 2830 S 16th Place, Homewood, Birmingham, Ala from Bryan Gilreath, Southern Railway System, Box 434, No. Wilkesboro, NC

Friday Night
Dear Mamma,
I wonder what you are doing to night, bet you are having a wonderful time, I haven't had any mail yet but I guess I haven't had time, but am looking for some real soon.
One of the traffic men was up last night, and we had to work on the tariff file for a while, then go down on the *creek* and it was late when we got back, so that's why I didn't write last night.
Mill, Bee, Bet, and I went to the show to night, it was real good. It's only 10.30 now and I'm back over in town. Now isn't that being good.
Oh! You just ought to be at house, Pearl came in to night. She says she is wound up, but I only seen her for a few minutes and she didn't get to tell it all to me. Say's she had a marvelous time.
Wedmore also came in to night. Guess I better get a date with her, to keep from being lonesome, hadn't I?
I sure do miss you lots ole dear and it won't be long now, before I see you. Will probably be down by the middle of the week. I hope so anyway. I can get off now most any day, thought I would hang around until Mon. or Tues. and see if the auditors came.
Guess I better lay me down to rest now, be good, and remember, I *love* you.


Letter dated 13 Sep 1927 to Miss Gail Bumgarner, 2830 S 16th Place Homewood, Birmingham, Ala. from Bryan Gilreath, Southern Railway System, Box 434, No. Wilkesboro, NC
Tuesday am
Dear Mamma,
Sorry I didn't get to write you last night, but I was up on the mountain. Ray and I went Squirrel hunting this morning, had very good luck got four.
I have had two letters from you, and I'm looking for another one to day. I sure do enjoy them. They keep me from being so blue, but make me want to see you all the more.
I won't be here after to day. Mr. Hendren had to go back to the hospital at Charlotte, so I am going to see him to morrow. Hope to see you Thursday. Will wire you from Atlanta.
Tell Mary if it's any hotter down there than it is here, all she will need will be a fig leaf.
I certainly am glad you are having such a good time, but be sure and save some of them for me.
I *gotta* get busy now, be good and think of me until I C U.

All my love,

Letter dated 19 May, 1930 to Miss Gail Bumgarner, c/o Wardmen Park Hotel, Washington, D.C. from Bryan Gilreath, Southern Railway System, Box 434, No. Wilkesboro, NC
Monday afternoon

Dear Gail,
I have been wondering if some body had kidnapped you. I didn't get your letter until to day noon. You must have put it in an ashe can instead of a mail box. Any way I was certainly glad to get it.
I have been awful lonesome for you. I played some golf Sat. night but didn't go any where to play Sunday am. Couldn't find any one to go with me. Shorty had to go to a funeral.
I showed Dr. Johnson's demonstrater around a lette(?) Sunday afternoon, but I'm sure you won't mind or be jealous, when you see her for she isn't any *queen*.
I stayed up with Claude last night until bed time. It rained awful hard here, had a regular storm. Am glad you are coming down the Valley. I know you will enjoy the trip.
You didn't say what time you would be in W.S. but I will come down as soon as I can after I get off. I must stop as I want to get this on the buss.

All my love,

Letter dated 9 Nov. 1931 to Miss Gail Bumgarner, 203 Belvoir Ave., Chatanooga, Tenn. from Bryan Gilreath
Sunday night
Hello Baby!
I have been thinking about you all afternoon. It is just about time for you to be getting to Chatta. and I'll bet you are tired.
I sure have missed you this afternoon. It doesn't seem like the same place. I didn't see any thing of Mildred and her gang. Don't know whether they came or not.
I have been working most of the day. I hung around on the street a while this afternoon but nothing exciting happened. I made a little trip down on the creek to night, but didn't find any body at home. Guess all the bootleggers were gone to church. I hope you didn't have any trouble with your's.
Everybody want's to know what I am doing loafing around. I just tell them my wife is gone to the country, (but I'm glad she won't be gone long) for I want to see you already just don't see how I will get along until Fri.
Tell Mary, Charlie, and Ted hello, and give them my very best, and I hope it won't be long until I see you all.

Yours until Niagra Falls,
P.S. (Da - this pen)

Letter dated 26 Dec 1932 to Miss Gail Bumgarner, c/o W.H. Riley, Chappel Hill, NC from Bryan Gilreath
Sunday night
Dear Mama!
I really have missed you this afternoon. All the boys must be nursing a hangover for I can't even find a poker game.
I stayed over at the house until after three and have been (dam this pen) just hanging around ever since. Wish I had kept the bridge book. Would have had plenty of time to study it.
I have been worrying about you all afternoon, because it was such a bad time to travel.
I haven't had my nog yet. Harry Somers asked me to come up to his house and make some. Think I will go if he hasn't gone to bed.
I will be looking for a letter from you to morrow and I better get it.
This is the first Sunday night we have been away from each other for a long time, and it sure does make a big difference.
I hope you have a big time, and I know you will. Hen will see to that, but don't have all the fun until I get there, Fri. night if possible, and don't forget your lonesome (may bee)


Letter dated 28 Dec 1932 to Miss Gail Bumgarner, c/o W. H. Riley, Chappel Hill, NC from Bryan Gilreath
Friday Nite
Dearest Gail,
Here tis: I have kept my promise so far. Sure was glad to get your note to day. I think Pat was kindly crazy to go hunting such a time. It hasn't ceased raining here all day and doesn't look like is was going to stop soon.
I took her Highness to the show to night, but I didn't let her get in contact with any of her old acquaintences, so didn't have to listen to any speals.
I asked the boss to day about having off Sat. and he said if nothing happened he thought it could be arranged.
I missed you lots to night, fur it was our night to go to the show, but I hope to see you Fri. night. It seems like you have been gone a week already.
I wore my new pajamas last night; tell Hen they are just fine.

Lots of Love,

Letter dated 29 Dec 1932 to Miss Gail Bumgarner, c/o W. H. Riley, Chappel Hil, NC from Bryan Gilreath
Thursday am

Dearest Gail,
I didn't write you last night. Was mad cause I didn't get your letter until this am, but everything is alright now. Sure was good to hear from you. I'll bet you widows have been having a big time, but it won't last much longer cause your usbands will soon be back.
We are still having rain every day and lots of fog every night. If it doesn't clear up, I may not come until Sat. am. So if I'm not there don't think I had a wreck.
Your mother said she wanted to see me before I left. Guess she wants to send Hen something.
Sorry you didn't get to see Mary Tom. Guess she was gone some where for xmas. Sorry I couldn't be there for the party last night, hope you had a big time. did you stay sober? hope you didn't get sick.
I sure have been missing you, and I'll be counting the hours until I get there. I must go to lunch now. be good and don't forget I love you lots.


Letter dated 1 Jan 1935 to Mrs. J. B. Gilreath, 9 Center Hill, Petersburg, VA from Bryan Gilreath
Tuesday am
Happy New Year!
I didn't get any letter this morning. thought sure I would hear from you. I hope you had a nice trip and are having a good time.
Charlie and I got home in time for dinner and he went to see Susie Sunday afternoon. Pearl and I rode around and a little in her car.
Did you celebrate any last night? It was a bad night here, rained all afternoon and night. Ice was freezing on the trees last night, but was all gone this am. Pete and I went to the midnight show last night. Was home by 1:30 that isn't too late is it?
I am feeding the chickens and taking in the egg every day.
I sure do miss you when I go home it doesn't seem like home now. I have turned the water off up stairs, haven't been building any fires, just use the oil stove in the bath room and dress in there. We didn't have any new years party, the weather was too bad.
It is almost train time, so I guess I better get busy. I hope it brings me a letter from my sweet heart, for I love you laps.


Letter dated 3 Jan 1935 to Mrs. J. B. Gilreath, 9 Center Hill, Petersburg, VA from Bryan Gilreath
Thursday am
Hello Sweet,
You are doing right well, have had two letters, they were a long time coming, but I was sure glad to get them.
Are you sure it's Ruth's face that is getting long. Why don't you visit one of the whisky stores instead of so many antique shops!
I am getting along very nicely, except that I miss you a lot. I ate supper with your motherTuesday night, had a very nice supper, they have been killing hogs again. Pearl, Charlie, Tom and I listened to the ball game and the radio until bed time. Last night I went to practice, and then loafered up town for a little while. Your cutain goods are here. Lundy said they wouldn't use any of it before you came home.
The schedule out of Richmond isn't so good. You will have to leave Richmond at 6:50 am. That will put you in Durham at 12:25. That seems to be the only train you can get.
Has Hen gotten home yet? Mack was sick after their party the night we didn't go, don't know whether he is out yet or not.
Nothing has happened of any interest. Will write you again to morrow and I love you an awful lot.


Letter dated 6 Mar 1935 to Mrs. J. B. Gilreath, 5 Ashe Ave., Raleigh, NC from Bryan Gilreath
Wednesday am
My Dear.
I sure was glad to hear from you, had a letter yesterday and one this am. Sorry you are not feeling so good, but hope you will soon be OK.
I am feeling OK, it rained all day yesterday, but it is just cloudy to day.
We went to Statesville Monday night, and wow, the boys haven't lost a single game out of town when I was with them, and haven't won a game when I wasn't. Is that conceipt for you.
Guess I just as well say I am glad you bought the secretary, for I know you would never have been satisfied without it. Hope you like it. I know I will like it if you are satisfied.
I went to see Will Rogers last night. It was real good.
Turner sent the chairs in this am. I will try to get one of them finished. Which one was it Mary wanted for her self?
I must get to work. Write me real often, for I am in love with you lots.

Your Bryan

Letter to Gail from Bryan
Monday night
My Dear!
Sober, yes, haven't had but one drink to night. I'll bet you are ahead of me.
I didn't get any letter to day, better get one soon, because I want to hear from my baby.
I called on my customers this afternoon, bawled a while, then went to see Grand Hotel. Didn't think it was so hot.
Think I will go over and take her highness to the show to morrow night. She and Ruth was over here this afternoon. She was trying to get Ruth to stay over, but I think she went home.
Guess you and Hen are having a good time while Pat is away. Sorry I can't be there with you. I am going to ask the boss to morrow about getting off Sat. Hope he is in a good humor.
It is eleven now. Guess I better turn in. Be good, and I love you laps,

Yours always,

Letter to Gail from Bryan
Saturday am
My Dear:
You are real sweet to write me every day cause I sho do look for them. You should have another letter from me by this time.
Glad you got to go to Richmond and had a good time. Sorry you couldn't find any thing to suit you.
I called your mother last night. They are OK. Your dad is getting out some now. She told me about Hen moving, and Pearl went down yesterday to help her pack (or see Obie), don't know which.
I sure do miss you to snuggle up to at night. That house gets awful cold with no fire in it for a week. Will warm it up this afternoon to take my weekly.
Mr. Moore asked me over to his house last night for supper. It was real nice and I enjoyed it very much.
If you are not coming by to see Hen, I don't know just when to tell you to come. There is only three trains out of Richmond coming this way. One leaves at 6:50 am and gets to W. Salem at 1:02 pm. It would be almost impossible for me to meet you on that train until next Sunday, unless you would want to wait in W.S. until say 3 pm. I could get there by that time. Another train leaves R. at 6 pm, arrives Greenshaw 12:03 am. That isn't so good. Another leaves R 10:30 pm arrive W.S. 8 am. I could meet that one most any time. Of course you would have to take a Pullman on this train.
The train schedules from Petersburg to Richmond are very bad. You would have a long wait in Richmond. You can probably get something better on the electric line or the Buss. J. V. can find out for you.
Just let me know when you are coming and I will arrange to meet you. I am getting awful anxious to see you. Didn't know I would miss you so much.
Guess I will have to work some to morrow as we are going to have five cars of cattle to get out. Don't see why they have to ship them on Sunday every time.
I saw Bill Tate last night. Said he would like to see you, and for me to give you his regards. You didn't know he was married, did you! Was married Xmas Eve. Didn't have his wife with him tho, rather early to be seperated don't you think?
I must get to work, or I'll get fired. Write me your plans as soon as possible.

I love you

Letter to Gail from Bryan
Sunday pm
I sure have missed you to day. I went to S. S. then worked until noon and have been loafering all afternoon and that is harder than working.
I went over to the orchard this afternoon to look for some rocks, but couldn't find any way to get in. I couldn't find Charlie to go with me. I saw him pass through town one time, but he didn't stop.
I haven't heard any thing from you yet. Hope you got along OK and you and Hen are having a good time.
Pete and I didn't have any trouble. Mattie came on the buss. at 5:20 and we were back home at seven. I sure did miss you last night. I had to pull up the blussut(?) before morning. It makes a difference when you don't have a hot mamma with you.
I put some water in your flowers in the window to day. I just supposed you forgot to tell me about that.
I sure do wish I could have gone down with you. Tell Pat and Hen Hey for me, and don't get too high while the Gin lasts.
Will write you again as son as I hear from you.

Heaps of love from
Your Bryan

Letter to Gail from Bryan
Wednesday night
Hey old Dear!
How is everything in Birmingham? I know you have been there long enough to take it all in.
I sure do wish I could have gone with you, but everything looks now like I am going to get to come alright.
Bee and Mill was over in town to day. Bee said you told her I could have dates with her or take her to ride either, so I'm starting to night. Charlie and I am going over to play bridge.
I didn't get over this afternoon to see about the new girls.
You did leave your compact in my car last night. I will bring it with me when I come.
Tell May I said have every thing set for I'll be seeing her soon.
I know I am going to miss you for I feel it coming on now.
Well ole dear O hope you have a wonderful time until I get there then we will have it together. Write to me real soon and often and remember I love you all the time.

Heaps of Love

Letter to Gail from Bryan
Friday am Sat. (don't even know the day)
I didn't get a chance to write you last night. Fact is I didn't have enough stamps, but you should get it any way.
I haven't been out of the house this am. It is cold as the devil up here.
Clo is feeling fine although she is in bed yet, and I think I could stay warmer there. Kent is off this afternoon and we are going in to the city to a show. Hope it will be good.
I miss you an awful lot, but really I think you would enjoy it more in the Summer time up here.
Clo, Mattie and me are enjoying the candy very much. Clo thinks it is awfully good, and nice of you to send it. I hope you and Pearl are having a big time with Mr. Bob and ?.
I know I would have a much better time down there with you than I am going to have up here. They was really not looking for me until next week.
Guess I better take a big ball, eat a little lunch, and go to the city.
I'll be glad to see my sweetheart Monday morning, bright and early.

Gilreath, Jennings "Bryan" (I189)
142 (Research):Letter from William McCray (husband of Jane Evelyn Combs McCray) to Jabez and Nancy Combs Hendren and his brother Jehu dated 10 May 1849:

"Father Combs [Thomas Hicks Combs] was lade by the side of his Daugter Elizabeth Hendren. I have been waiting for the last three years hoping to receive a letter from you but have not and I expect that you would like to hear how we are agetting along in this world. We was married December the 5 fifth 1844......I have sold the farm that I was aliving on when Jehu was in this part."

Since the marriage of Jane and William is news, we could surmise that Jehu was gone from Hancock Co. IN by December of 1844. 
Hendren, Jabez Sr. (I1178)
143 (Research):Linda Moss has the death date as 1882. Moore, Dorcas R. (I3243)
144 (Research):Linda Moss lists the death date as 1835. Moore, Jane (I3229)
145 (Research):Listed in Groom Index to Jackson County, Florida Marriages, 1848-1900, DU-HA, GRIFFIN, Silas 4/7/1861 GRIFFIN, Adaline B 37

In 1870 Adaline's sister Caroline is married to Joe Butler living in Marianna, Jackson Co., Florida. Next door is Silas and Adeline. Their oldest child is 8, born approx. 1862. 
Griffin, Adeline (I4948)
146 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Dolan, Thomas Nestor (I4508)
147 (Research):Looking for information on Charles Powell born ca 1784 in NC. Believe he married Nancy McDougle, born ca 1785 VA, d/o Douglas McDougle. Moved to Newton Co. GA. They had ten children, the youngest of which was Uriah M. born ca1824 in Laurens Co. GA. Charles was in Laurens Co. GA. as early as 1816. My gr gr grandmother was Zilphia Ann born ca1819. Other children believed to be: John ca1805, James W. ca1811, Bird ca1812, George M. ca1813, J. M. ca1814, David B. ca 1817, William ca1822, Nancy ca1818. Would like proof of these other children. Charles and wife probably died in Terrell Co. GA. no marked graves found. I have a lot of info and will exchange. Marilyn Kamann mckamann@fx2.com

1830 Houston County

p. 276
male 50-60: Quinney Powell [born bet 1770-1780]
female 50-60
female 20-30
male 10-15
male 5-10
male 5-10
female 5-10
female <5

p. 276
male 30-40: Lewis Powell [born bet 1790-1800]
female 20-30
male 10-15
female 10-15
male 5-10
male 5-10
female 5-10
female <5
female <5

p. 278
male 50-60: James Powell [born bet 1770-1780]
female 40-50
female 10-15
male 5-10
male 5-10

p. 279
male 60-70: Sampson Powell [born bet 1760-1770]
female 70-80
female 15-20
female 10-15

p. 281
male 20-30: John Powell [born abt 1805]
female 15-20 [Martha born abt 1813]

p. 282
male 40-50: Benjamin Powell [born bet 1780-1790]
female 30-40
male 10-15
male 10-15
female 10-15
female 5-10
female 5-10
female <5
female <5

p. 282
male 30-40: Silas Powell [born bet 1790-1800]
female 20-30
female 10-15
female 5-10
male <5
female <5
female <5
female <5

p. 283
male 60-70: William Powell [born bet 1760-1770]
female 50-60
female 15-20

p. 286
male 20-30: James Powell [born bet 1800-1810]
female 15-20
male <5 
Powell, William (I3889)
148 (Research):Manuscript by John Card Graves, is on microfilm from the VA Library & Archives. It is titled, Family of Capt. Thomas Graves of Virginia (part of the unpublished manuscript on the Graves families). Edited, typed and indexed by Mrs. Nathalie Johnston. No date.

Alternate death date: 1853 
Graves, Delilah (I497)
149 (Research):many husbands-one was a pilot went down to Gulf
had a place in Highlands
daughter named Sylvia (little older than Jane) 
Harrell, Mary "Elizabeth" (I2404)
150 (Research):Mar. 3, 1824. Hannah Jennett Wingfield, dec'd. John L. Wingfield appointed Admr. Margaret Dyson, dec'd. John Rich appointed Admr. Michael L. Dent, Security. Rich, John Jr. (I5373)

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