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My most closely related surnames, going from closest generation to more distant ones (through my 3rd great grandparents): Rich, Gilreath, Harrell, Bumgarner, Powell, Womack, Hendren, McNiel, Pierce, Clay, Jones, Stone, Hincher, Nichols, Parlier, Fenn, Wall, Jones (another line), Bird, Roe, Hatchett, Thompson, Wallis, Shin, Cook, Combs, Nichols, Carroll, Vannoy, Minton.

Most of my ancestors either lived in Decatur County, GA, since the county was formed in 1823, or Wilkes County, NC, since the county was formed in 1777. Most branches of my ancestors go all the way back to before the Revolutionary War, though a few remain stubbornly elusive to trace and verify.

Specifically, I'm researching the following

Decatur County, Georgia: Rich, Harrell, Powell, Clay, Fenn

Early County, Georgia: Rich, Fenn, Jones

Emanuel/Montgomery County, Georgia: Rich, Fenn

Hancock County, Georgia: Bird, Jones, Coffield

Terrell/Lee County, Georgia: Wall, Clay, Powell

Bulloch County, Georgia: Jones, Mikell

Wilkinson County, Georgia: Clay, Jones, Hardin, Taliaferro Wilkes County, North Carolina: Gilreath, Hendren, Bumgarner, McNiel, Parlier, Hincher, Nichols, Wallis, Shin, Cook, Combs, Nichols, Carroll, Vannoy, Minton

Sussex County, New Jersey: Nestor, Berrigan

Luzerne County, Pennsylvania: Oliver, Gregory

Orange County, New York: Reilly, Cady, Connolly, McKinley

Please take a look and see if we connect. If you like, stop in and leave me a message in my guest book.

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Family is everything. It defines you--the heart of your spirit, the heritage of your smile, not only the color of your eyes but how they see the world.You are bound by kinship. You add your own link to the chain, and that is where you strengthen or weaken what you have been blessed--or burdened--with. That is where you use the indefinable quality that belongs to only you, the bit of uniqueness you pass on to your children for good or bad, the part of you that will always be separate from those who share your name, your blood, and your past.

- Deborah Smith from Blue Willow