Family of Jack & Becky Rich
Tallahassee, FL - Thanksgiving 2010

A Passionate and Eternal Quest

Welcome family researchers! I have been searching for ancestors and their kin since 2000 and have had some successes and some stumbling blocks, some fun and some frustrations. This search is one of my true passions. In the beginning, I spent so much time. Now I am homeschooling my kids, so my time is much more limited. I will try to respond to your e-mails, but please be patient and persistent. Unless your search in someone whose last name is Rich, everything I have is here on the site. Good luck with your own search and enjoy perusing this site.

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Family is everything. It defines you--the heart of your spirit, the heritage of your smile, not only the color of your eyes but how they see the world.You are bound by kinship. You add your own link to the chain, and that is where you strengthen or weaken what you have been blessed--or burdened--with. That is where you use the indefinable quality that belongs to only you, the bit of uniqueness you pass on to your children for good or bad, the part of you that will always be separate from those who share your name, your blood, and your past.

- Deborah Smith from Blue Willow

Main Family Lines

feature 1 Nestor/Oliver Family
Franklin, NJ - abt 1928

The Nestor branch starts with Patrick Nestor, born abt. 1813 in Co., Limerick, Ireland. He left Ireland between 1845 and 1855 and migrated to Bennington Co., VT via Canada. By about 1857, the Nestors were in Sussex County, NJ. Two generations of Nestors worked in the Franklin mines. More recently they have lived in Arlington County, VA and in Georgia. The Oliver part of the branch lived in Luzerne County, PA. Other well-researched lines in this branch the following surnames: Reilly, Connolly, Berrigan, and Gregory.

feature 2 Murphy/Herlihy Family
Charlestown, MA - abt 1925

The Murphy branch starts with Jeremiah Murphy, born abt. 1855 in Co. Cork, Ireland. His son, James Joseph Murphy, Sr., migrated in 1891 to Charlestown, MA. The death of his wife (when their son, Jerry, was only 14 days old) led James to take baby Jerry back to Ireland to be raised with his cousins. When he was 20, Jerry came back to Boston and reunited with his father and his father's second wife and their children. He then settled in Bronx, NY. The other primary line in this branch is that of the Long family of Dun Laoghaire,County Dublin, Ireland. Agnes Long migrated to Bronx, NY in 1928 after the death of her mother.

feature 3 Rich/Powell Family
Decatur County, GA - abt 1902

The Rich branch starts with Timothy Rich, born abt. 1700 in Goochland Co., VA Province. There is a connection of this branch that still lacks sufficient documentation. Timothy's son, Timothy, Jr., migrated to Wake Co., NC and died there in 1806. His son, Shadrach, migrated to South Carolina by 1790, and then to Georgia before 1796. He lived in Montgomery (later Emanuel) Co. until 1824 and moved southwest to Early Co., GA. His son, Martin, lived in Decatur Co., GA until his death in 1830. The link between these two has not yet been proven, but strong circumstantial and DNA evidence supports this connection. Many Riches have lived in Decatur Co., GA since 1824. Other well-researched lines in this branch include the following surnames: Harrell, Powell, Bird, Jones, and Womack.

feature 4 Gilreath/Hendren Family
Wilkesboro, NC - abt 1902

The Gilreath branch starts with William Gilreath, born 1730 in Craven Co., NC Province. He and his son, Alexander, both fought in the Revolutionary War. He and his descendants of my line have lived almost entirely in Wilkes Co., NC since 1776. Only George Gilreath left the Brushy Mountain area and settled in Tennessee. Other well-researched lines in this branch include the following surnames: Bumgarner, Hendren, Parlier, Holdaway, McNiel, and Nichols.